Tips For Getting Through Your TBR


We all know them. We all have them. We all stare at them. Those dreaded TBR piles that seem to multiply every day for no reason. You finish one book and 5 more magically appear. These tips are some things that I hope will help you to organize your time and manage those daunting piles that just stare back at you all day. Besides these tips, a good thing to remember is that reading should be something you enjoy. While I work to get my reviews out I still LOVE reading. It can be hectic with work, school, blogging, and having a life (which are all full-time things) but, I make sure to remember if I can’t get it done IT IS OK! This is not my job it is my hobby and when you love something it should be fun. These tips are numbered but these aren’t in an order you can do any or all of them I just thought of the different types of readers and tips that could work for all of us.


1. Read Multiple Books at a Time

Some of you out there can read multiple books at a time and that is a big help when tackling those TBR piles. Even if you do not read fast you will have multiple books started and that you are working through. It can make it easier if you read multiple short ones and leave the larger books till the pile is more manageable.

2. Read Oldest to Newest

If you buy a lot of books, have book box subscriptions, and ARCs then you have books coming from everywhere. A simple helping hand could be to read your books from the oldest in the pile to the newest or vice versa and not to stray from that path. With it being in a certain order it can help to see how far you have to go and you can plan out each month which to read.

3. Random Selection

Now some readers don’t do well with monthly TBR’s because they are mood readers or seasonal readers. So, tip number three is to organize your books by mood and or season. With these piles all stacked you can now randomly select from the piles depending on how you feel. For example, you have a bunch of books that you know will be perfect for this season of love so, you pick from that pile and work through it as you are in that mood.

4. Stop Buying, Requesting, and Cancel Subscriptions

This might be the hardest tip for some of you readers out there but one of the most effective. If your TBR is just at the point where it is too much then you might have to go on an all-around book ban or at least ban one or two of the three depending on your pile. If it is too much, say over 50, then it might be best for your sanity to go on a book ban till you can bring it down to about 15 books and under. That means no buying books, no requesting ARCS, no accepting ARCS, and canceling book box subscriptions. If your TBR is under 50 then you might just need to take off one or two. That can be just no more buying for a few months or no more requesting and/or buying boxes monthly or canceling all together for a few months.

5. Read Your Review Books First

For some readers, you have a lot of ARCs in your possession or books that have to be reviewed. Another helpful tip would be to tackle this pile above your personal pile. These books could be the most nerve-wracking because the review might have to be out by a certain time. So, the best way to minimize stress would be to work through these first.

6. Put a Freeze on Review Books

Also to pair with tip 5 you can put a freeze on review books. You can do this in two ways. If you are like me and your review books are only from NetGalley or Edelweiss then simply stay away from requesting and accepting books until you get those books down to a reasonable number. I am at 13 books at the moment (it was about 30 something) on NetGalley so until I complete that list of books I actually won’t be requesting and if I do I can only do one or two books. Or if you are one of those readers who get books sent to you by publishers simply tell them you are on a book review hiatus until you can get through all the ones you currently have. This can take away a lot of stress because you won’t have books coming until you feel ready.

7. Make Time to Read

This is easier said then done but it still is a helpful tip. One way I make time to read is I actually have it penned into my bullet journal habit tracker. It is something that I have in my face telling me to every day. Even if you read for 15 minutes it still is one step closer to a finished book. You can also listen to audiobooks to help with time, read on breaks, read on car rides or train rides, or just whenever you have a free moment. But, also take time for YOU and other stuff you like so that reading doesn’t feel like a chore.

8. Find a Book Buddy

This tip can be a fun one to help you tackle your TBR. Sometimes when you have someone else holding you accountable of something you can get it done. If you have a friend on this journey with you it can be fun, manageable, and stress-free.

9. Keep Your TBR Together

Keeping your TBR in one place is such an easy tip. When you see books all over the place that you have to get to it can feel hectic and stressful so you will put off doing it. But, if you gather all those books up and put them together on a shelf and your ebooks all in one folder you can now see what you are working with. With this, you can now slowly start working through them because it is all in one place.

10. Read-a-Thon

My last tip for you would be to do a Read-a-Thon. I see many people get through a lot of books in their TBR by doing these every once in a while. It is not necessarily something for me but for those out there who can do it I would 100% using these events to slim down that TBR pile.


Those are some tips to help you tackle that huge TBR pile! Yes I am talking about that one in your corner right now. If you want to follow me you can at katraee and at kittytopia.lovekathryn-02


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22 thoughts on “Tips For Getting Through Your TBR

  1. “We all know them. We all have them. We all stare at them.” Ok I’ve never related to these sentences more in my life haha😂 I also NEEDED this post because my TBR is huge & plus I’m such a slow reader lol. Thanks for the tips👏 I try to read a physical book and audiobook at the same time to kill my tbr.

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  3. Great tips! I write for a book review magazine and they book match me, so I don’t always know what books I’ll be assigned (until they tell me) and therefore whether or not they’re on my TBR. I’m both a mood reader and a “multiple books at a time” reader, which definitely helps me get through my TBR!

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  4. Lovely tips, Kitty, especially since lately I’m so off track with my reading schedule! I hope I’ll manage to finish at least 3 more books by the end of this month, otherwise this will be the most ridiculous month of 2018 in terms of reading!
    As for cancelling a subscription, this sounds terrifying! 😱😂
    Have a wonderful weekend, love!

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      1. I totally agree! I was actually talking with a friend of mine today (she’s a huge bookworm as well) and I was telling her that my TBR is so out of control! She’s in the same position and I suggested her to use some of your tips!

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