Discussion Post: Cover Redesigns


Today I wanted to start a discussion on cover redesigns. This is going to be a short post because I just want to discuss my personal feelings on the matter. Then I am going to show some examples of redesigns I love and ones I hate.



We all know how this goes, correct? Book one comes out we all fall in love. Book two comes out everyone is happy. Then at some point comes the dreadful cover change mid-series. Here lies the issue for me. I truly don’t care about cover changes. They don’t bother me in the slightest when they come AFTER a series is complete. It is such a pet peeve of mine when cover changes happen mid-series. Of course, sometimes it is a great change like when book two for Flame in the Mist had a mid-series change that featured an Asian woman on the cover. Yes, it is annoying that it changed but you know what? Representation is important and I will gladly accept a change like that. In this issue, I never blame the author because it is not up to them. I just whoever is the one who decides this would wait until a series is over.

As I said I don’t care because I don’t NEED the covers to match but it is something I like to have. I know they redesign sometimes to match the book more but to me a lot of the times it is a disservice to the book while other times it is perfect. Case in point the cover redesign for Vicious is amazing and I love it but the redesign for Labyrinth Lost makes me sad because I liked the girl on the cover. Although it isn’t the end of the world I really wish they would wait until a series is over.

Some Favorite Re-Designs

I love these more than the originals.

Some Not So Much

I don’t hate them but the originals were my favorite.

In between

I like both the originals and these!

border-04How do you feel about cover changes?


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11 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Cover Redesigns

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  2. I just bought Rebel of the Sands and I love the hardcover a lot. I saw recently they changed the hardcover to a new design but the paperback matches the old hardcover and I’m so conflicted by it. Also I like the And I Darken old covers better. They are very pretty.

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