Creatures of the Night Book Tag


Welcome my lovely friends it is time for another book tag. This tag Creatures of the Night Tag was created by the booktuber Katytastic click her name to watch the original video. As per usual for a lot of my tags, I tagged myself.

The point is to pick your favorite books containing the different creatures of the night and list them. So let’s see how this goes because I am not sure I have read many books with these creatures, to be honest.



Monsters of Verity duology. This book has tons of monsters but the Malachi is a vampire like creature so we are going with this. My review of the book one is here and book two is here.


Silver in the Blood! This was such an awesome book that I didn’t expect to like as much as I did. You can find my review here.


I am going to cheat a bit here and say The Archived. It isn’t technically zombies but they’re dead people that come back and go crazy and aren’t human anymore. My review of books one and two are here.


Asylum series. This was such a creepy fun series that I never wanted to end. My review for the prequel into the series is here.


Shades of Magic (Antari). When I think spellcaster my lovely children from the Shades of Magic series are the first to always come to mind of course. I miss them so much. My review for A Gathering of Shadows is here, and for A Conjuring of Light is here.


Peter Darling. Who doesn’t love our favorite Fairy miss Tinker Bell? My review of this book is here.


Broken Empire Trilogy. This might be cheating a bit but the creatures that Jorg deals with throughout the series are definitely demons lol. My review is here.


Mortal Instruments. This series literally works for half the list lol but I chose it for Angels since I have different favorites for the others. Angels are a huge aspect of the story though. My review of the last book is here.


The Gospel of Loki. Another cheating one lol. I haven’t read about aliens and don’t plan on it but aliens are otherworldly creatures. The people of Asgard are from another world so, therefore, aliens lol. My review is here.

Superpowered human

Vicious. I mean did you expect anything else? Victor Vale is the ultimate superhuman as well as the rest of the characters. Read it and love it! My review is here.


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