Top 5 Diversely Cast Books


For today’s post, I wanted to list my favorite books with a diverse cast. I really love when a book features many different cultures, races, sexualities, genders, etc. This list will be about books that fit that bill of diversity. This isn’t a qualifying factor on whether I read a book or not but it makes me super happy when we see characters that aren’t just cis, heterosexual, and white. So, here is my list.


1 ) Rick Riordan books

This is just all his books as a whole. Rick Riordan adds people from all walks of life as his characters and he really does his research. He really uses his platform to do good and even has a thing called Rick Riordan presents where he features different authors of color and their diverse books to bring awareness to them. He is #1 simply for the fact that his books aren’t just filled with one race, one gender, one sexuality, or one anything they have everyone and are for everyone. Plus they’re not the villains of his story but the heroes and warriors!

2 ) Reign of the Fallen

Sarah Glenn Marsh gave us a beautiful story of a bi woman of color who also is bad ass and a necromancer. This is what I love to see. Coming of age stories are beautiful but minorities of all kinds also need representation in fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, etc. This story was so beautifully written and there were many people of color and a gay couple.

3 ) Six of Crows Duology

Another story with (I think) an imagined middle eastern girl (Inej I believe is said to be Middle Eastern of some sort), a black gay boy (Jesper), a heavyset girl who is empowered by her sexuality (Nina), interracial couples (one gay and one hetero), and more. This was such a great cast of characters.

4 ) Shades of Magic Trilogy 

Victoria Schwab really writes her diverse characters beautifully and they are always CANON. It is never after fans say I imagine this one this was that she’s like oh yeah that works no! They are stated 100% clearly in her books whether they are gay, asexual, etc. Shades of Magic has tones of people of color. The Rhy and the whole royal family is and the people of their kingdom I believe. Alucard and his family. Rhy is bi and Alucard is gay. Lila is a female but she feels more comfortable in men’s clothing (I forgot the word for this but Victoria said what she was.) Besides the great cast, the books are just amazing.

5 ) The City of Brass, The Wrath & The Dawn, and Flame in the Mist

These three are my number 5 for the fact that they are casts full of Egyptians and other Middle Easterns/Africans I believe, Persians, and Japanese characters in each book respectively. And again, showing the struggles these cultures face is 100% necessary and beautiful but it is also necessary for kids to see themselves in these type of stories so they know hey I can do what that white kid can do. I am strong and powerful also.

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