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I started blogging last year in 2017. I was super nervous to start because I had no idea what this would be like. So, for today I thought that it would be nice to give out the tips that help me run my blog efficiently and easily.  These tips can work for any type of blog you do and are not the only tips out there but pretty important ones to stay on top of your game.


1) Finding your style & theme

Much like in the bookstagram tips post your first step into creating your blog is to find your style and theme of your blog. What do you want your blog to say about you? My blog changed from when I first started a lot. I had different graphics, a different logo, I changed the background color, the type, and so on. I am a graphic designer so I do all my graphics, headers, photographs, and logos myself. If you can’t make your then higher someone because your blog brand is the first step to letting your audience see who you are. Remember that as you grow and change your blog style and theme can change as well as long as you keep it consistent and authentic to YOU.


I can not stress how important it is to always plan your posts out. It is super imperative that you get yourself a calendar or if you bullet journal then set one up specifically for blogging. In June and December, I schedule days to sit and plan out my blog posts/bookstagram posts for January-June and July-December. Then at the beginning of each month I write all my blog posts for the next month and take photos for my bookstagram so, I always stay a month to two months ahead of schedule. Planning helps me to stay on track and always have content out and never miss on my scheduled days (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday at 11AM.) Also, keep a list of possible blog posts ideas (I am planned all the way until June but I am building a list of ideas for July-December.) Whatever type of blog you have to make sure to schedule and plan your time (I even keep track of my reading so I don’t miss my review days.)

3) Stay Consistent & Creative

As stated above, I consistently post four days a week. Life does happen so if you miss a day for whatever reason it is ok just make sure 95% of the time you keep to your schedule so that you can build a following by always having content out. Along with being consistent, you want to be creative with your posts. If you are a food blog you could post recipes, restaurant reviews, posting about chefs, movies that deal with cooking, and etc. If you are a movie blog you can post about reviews, history of filmmaking, actors and actresses, issues in the industry, etc. For me, as a book blog, I post reviews, memes, book tags, and even stuff about my life and more. Just make sure whatever type of blog you have you change it up and come up with creative ideas.

4) Engage, Comment, Like, Share

To build your following you MUST engage with your followers and fellow bloggers, comment on their posts and respond back to them, like posts, and share your posts on ALL your social media followings. This is such a simple thing to do but a lot of people overlook it. I love my followers and the people I follow because some of them are really big blogs but they still engage with me and I with them. Building relationships with your fellow blogger will get your blog out there more.

5) Don’t Stress! This IS NOT a job!

While for some people this is a job a lot of bloggers do this for fun. The most important thing to remember when blogging is to NOT STRESS!!! Have fun and enjoy this. Do it because you love it and you get to talk about things you’re passionate about. Love what you do and your following and blog will continuously grow. Don’t focus on stats because trust me as time goes on it will also grow.


Great tips said by other blogging/book friends on twitter:

 says: “I’m still pretty new, but I would say to read some other blogs to get an idea of what you want to do. Also, post consistently and share your blogs on social media. Follow other bloggers and comment on their posts. It helps others get to know you and they will be more likely.”

 says: “totally agree with what @KristiHousman said! Also, I will note that it’s ok to take breaks once you get the hang of things because taking care of yourself is really important and you shouldn’t stress too hard about writing/posting, which is what happened to me for a while.”

 says: “Be yourself. Find your own voice, and blog for you.”

 says: “Definitely comment and check out other blogs of people with similar interest!”

 says: “The best, most interesting content always comes from ideas that you’re excited about so I would say just do what you enjoy.”


So, these are my five tips for running your blog no matter what type of blog it is. I am new to this but I hoped this helped a lot. If you want to follow me you can at katraee and at kittytopia.lovekathryn-02


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27 thoughts on “Blogging Tips

  1. Loved every single one of your tips, Kitty! I’m trying to do the same and I hope that I’m doing a good job so far.
    The bookish community is full with creative, talented, awesome people and I’m glad that I’m part of it!

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  2. That was such great advise. I am brand new to.blogging also. I am actually writing my ever right now. I am not completely sure the exact direction I am gonna take.this blog.I would like to.make money but I decided to try this because I love to write and I am totally obsessed with all things Disney. I am very passionate about writing. I enjoy it. When I was a little girl I wanted to write a novel. I hope people like my blogs and find some interest in my writing. Actually this really is for me. It’s almost like therapy. Right now my blogs are gonna mainly be about Disney but I also want to document the things we do.wth our kids and the funny stuff they always say. They are growing up so fast. I the trips we have planned. We want to.take the kids.on a Disney cruise in June. In a couple.of months I am starting school to course gonna.specialize in Disney vacations and cruises and I am gonna also specialize in River cruises and some of the other bigger Cruise lines like Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean. My goal is to open my.own my
    own travel agency. I have some goals that I am determined to reach. I really hope my blog works out too. I have never tried anything like this before. Good luck with your blog. I hope it becomes everything you want it to be. I really liked that article a lot.and I am now following you now. I look forward to reading more of your work.

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  3. What great tips you have! These are all super important to blogging. I love how organized you are. I think it’s great you’ll usually have your months planned in advance. One day I will get there. I usually do a week in advance.

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  5. Lovveedd this tips, so thoughtful of you to even do such a beautiful thing 😍
    And i totally agree, especially that it’s not a job part, sometimes i get too carried away and totally forget that i don’t need to stress over my stats or followers number 😅

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  6. Great tips! I’ve been blogging for over 7 months now and couldn’t agree more with these tips! When I first started I only interacted with others on my blog and social media. It wasn’t until a month or two later that I couldn’t handle the stress of not planning. Planning is seriously the most important tip to follow and it will make the other steps easier.

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  7. Thank you for some great tips. I sometimes have trouble with frequency and consistency with blogging, due to a hectic schedule. I was told, you should post on the same weekdays and times, so people are expecting your posts. i also agree with the importance of engaging other bloggers. As for stress – I’ll keep working on that one.

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