R.I.P It or Ship It Book Tag


I was out searching for another book tag to do today and I found one at Dream Land Book Blog. This looked super fun and funny. Here are the rules:

1. Write down the names of characters from different books on scraps of paper. Choose as many as you like (I did 20; 10 boys and 10 girls)

2. Put them in a container of your choosing. My wonderful Alice in Wonderland looking tea set is what I used.

3. Pull out two names at the time and show them to your audience in whatever way you like. My creepy dolls are my helpers lol.

4. Decision time! Do you ship them or no?


Round 1


I just see Victor ripping Kell’s head off tbh. Kell is so sarcastic so even if I wanted this they just are not compatible lol. R.I.P!

Round 2


This is a big fat callosal NO! There is no one for Patroclus besides Achilles. R.I.P! 

Round 3


They are both fun and mischevious! I can see them getting up to some wild fun together so SHIP IT! 

Round 4


They are both strong women but I just don’t see it. R.I.P!

Round 5


100% can see this as a thing. Knowing their character traits they would work together. SHIP IT!

Round 6


No. Just no. I don’t feel this at all. R.I.P!

Round 7


I love Mara but, I see Isaboe getting so fed up with her lol so R.I.P.!

Round 8


This one isn’t so bad. It’s not omg, yes but it’s not horrible. I can see them being close so I will SHIP IT!

Round 9


They will literally kill each other. But they would be powerful I can not lie. SHIP IT and R.I.P! They will die at each other’s hands so.

Round 10


Both beautiful, caring, gorgeous, smart, skilled fighters, and loyal? SHIP IT!!!!!!

4 survived. 5 died. 1 survived than died. I think this was a success lol.

This was so fun and I think we got some great ships out of this and sadly some died. What do you think of my choices? Agree? Disagree? TALK TO ME! 



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