Date Ideas For Book Lovers


So as a book lover and hopeless romantic I thought this would be a fun post to do. Here are ten date ideas for you and your boo that will make you swoon.

  1. Hit Up A Bookstore With A View

    Wherever you live go an find a beautiful bookstore with a wonderful view. There are some that can be found on a lake, some on a mountaintop, and more. This would be really cute and romantic.

  2. Visit An Author’s Estate

    I think this would be fun for lovers of the classic books. You can find a guided tour, maybe dress like the time period, and live like they did.

  3. Prepare A Book-Themed Dinner Together

    I would love to do this one day when I have someone. You and your boo can pick a book that speaks a lot about food and makes the meals that make your tummy rumble.

  4. Host A Literary Game Night

    I NEED to do this one day. I love game nights and I love books. I really would love to mix these two fun things to have a crazy game night all about books and delicious snacks and drinks.

  5. Watch A Movie-Adapted From Your Favorite Book

    This would be so fun to cuddle up with my loved one and watch a movie adaption. I think to really make this a date would be to add snacks, wine, and make a comfy fort outside to watch the movies.

  6. Take A Trip to A Big Literary Festival or Convention

    I put it on my bucket list to go to book con or festival and I think going with a loved one will take it to the next level. Geeking out on books and taking pictures all with the one you love sounds like such a great time.

  7. Go See A Favorite Play or a Theater Adaptation of Your Favorite Novel

    I love going to see Shakespeare plays and I have done it on a date before and I 100% recommend doing it.

  8. Dress Up As Your Favorite Literary Couple 

    Literally, imagine going this hard with your significant other? This would be so geeky and fun. It is stuff like this that makes me smile so hard because of the memories it would create.

  9. Steal a date idea from your favorite book

    I would do this quite a few times actually with all my favorite books and couples. I would try the different dates they go on.

  10. Find a park. Bring a blanket. And your books. And wine.

    The simplest of dates would be a lovely picnic with food, wine, and your books. Just eat, drink, and read in each others presence and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

That is it for today’s post. What date would you go on?


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