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Now I am not the greatest bookstagram person and I probably don’t have an aesthetically pleasing feed but, I still thought I could help those who are starting out. My account is a mix of books and personal because I like to add variety and a face behind the photographer to be more personal. So, here are my five tips to help you to create really cool book pictures.

1) Finding your style & theme


My style of photos is pretty much like my graphic design and traditional art style. All over the place. My style is controlled chaos. I am not one who sits well being put in a box so for me all my photos/book photos don’t have a set theme which is my theme. Others have a certain theme. Before you start snapping photos figure out what works for you and what makes you happy. For me I don’t have all the fancy backgrounds or photo spots so, I work with what I have and what is comfortable to me. For me, controlled chaos is what makes me feel the best and makes me happy. I am still working on perfecting this of course so don’t feel like you need to have it right away.

2) Being creative


Step two is to be creative. You do not need to be an artist to be creative. We all have it in us. This could be taking pictures in cool locations, with props, with you and books, etc. I am not one who has many props that I find appealing for pictures so, my pictures are either with me and books or the book alone outside or inside. I look up inspiration from other bloggers and Pinterest and create them in my own style. Then I try to find the best locations from where I live and BOOM you have a shot!

3) Perfecting setting & lighting


Lighting is EVERYTHING!!!! Sometimes I have amazing ideas for pictures and they fail because of bad lighting. Sometimes bad lighting is what I am looking for on occasions like if I want a rainy dull picture but the lighting still needs to be good enough to see the picture. Wherever you plan on taking a picture whether that is inside or outside find the area with the best lighting (not to dull and not too bright where it will white out everything.) Unless you purposely want a dull picture find someplace where the picture will look clear and crip.

4) Apps & Editing


I use so many apps to edit pictures including my phone camera settings. I also always look out for new places to make my pictures even better. I want to save up for a Nikon camera but for now, I work on my phone. I use apps to adjust lighting, filters, saturation, etc. This is all a matter of preference and how you want to edit but never take this step for granted. Editing is a crucial step and will elevate your photos that much more. Some great editing apps are Photoshop, Lightroom by Adobe, Snapseed, and VintageLab. Those are the four I work with but there are many out there at your disposal.

5) Staying consistent


I post four times a week for bookstagram (I post whenever I want when it comes to regular pictures but for books, I post Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.) Unless something happens I always make sure to consistently post on these days. Make sure you have a set schedule of when you are posting and remain consistent with those postings 🙂

So, these are my five tips for running your bookstagram. I am new to this but I hoped this helped a lot. If you want to follow me you can at katraee. How do you take bookstagram pictures?lovekathryn-02


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25 thoughts on “Bookstagram Tips

  1. This is such a great posts. I’m always trying to figure out how to take better pictures. I haven’t been as active on instagram lately but when I do take photos for instagram I try to switch it up. Btw all your photos are amazing. If I was on instagram right now I would be liking them all.

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  3. These are great tips! I am not the greatest but I am getting better 🙂 I found one of my favorite bookstagrammer’s photos and tried to recreate it. It showed me different elements that I needed to fiddle around with and I think I learned a few things (I hope so, at least lol). Great post!

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