Top 10 Books I Want My Future Kids To Read

I love books so much that I hope to pass it on to my children. As a mom, I will buy tons of great children and middle-grade books picture and chapter books alike. I saw this as a top ten Tuesday on so many accounts that I follow but, I don’t post on Tuesdays. So, I am doing it today. I do not take credit for this meme at all I just don’t know the origin if you do please let me know.

1) Junie B Jones Books

Junie-B-Jones-set-4_1024x1024Queen of my life to be honest. These books are so funny and fun. I want nothing more than to see my kids indulge in the awesomeness of this character and the craziness she did. There is a book for every situation and I think my kids will love Miss Jones as much as I did.

2) Rick Riordan Books


He is one of my favorite authors and I know his books can be a cross between middle grade and YA books but I think it is appropriate for 5th grade and up so they are on my list. Riordan always creates a funny and diverse of young people that I think will be important for my kids growing up. The stories are also action-packed and easy to read.

3) Dr. Seuss Books


Is this even a surprise? If Dr. Seuss is not on your list I am judging you. I literally owned all of these books as a kid. They are so fun and helped me in learning how to read. Plus I think the bizarre stories help bring out a kids creativity.

4) The Magic Tree House Books


I loved these stories as a kid. This is where my love for fantasy and world building started and I think my love for transporting my mind to new worlds. I want this same thing for my kids because I feel so blessed to always dream and create.

5) Where The Sidewalk Ends


I was never a big poetry person but I do love some. Shel Silverstein was an absolute favorite. These poems were hilarious as were the drawings. I think this is a great place to start a kid off into the world of poetry because it is easy to read and understand.

6) The Adventurers Guild


This was a new story that came out in 2017 and I loved it!!!! I think my children must read it for the simple fact that it was so fun and a real adventure.

7) The Giving Tree


Another poetry book by the wonderful Shel Silverstein. The same reason I want them to read the other is the same for this one.

8) Where The Wild Things Are


One of the COOLEST picture books for kids. The illustrations are gorgeous and the story itself makes my dreamer and fantasy heart flutter.

9) If You Give A Mouse…Books


These stories are so epic and fun and my kids must know the wackiness of this mouse as I did. I loved the illustrations and I hold these books very dear to my heart.

10) The Rainbow Fish


If you never read this in elementary school I am sorry. This story was golden and I don’t know how anyone can go without reading this. My children will know about this gem.

I just wanted to mention this next book for my future daughters and their besties. I loved this book as a young girl and I abused it lol meaning it was all beat up from reading it almost every day and had tons of markups. I gave it to my sister who sadly got rid of it but I will 100% purchase this for my daughters. 

Love You Like a Sister


This was my life and guide growing up and I owe a lot to this beauty and will always cherish what it taught me and hope it will bring the same joy to my future precioso.

So, that wraps up my top ten books I want my future babies to read lol. I get excited thinking about what my future kids will be like. And even if they aren’t bookworms I still hope to instill a love of the arts, creating, dreaming, and loving life. I also hope to still read these to them or have them read them alone because they shaped me as a kid growing up.


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          1. She read a lot growing up, stopped a bit as a teen, and has picked up again. She’s been buying quite a few books lately. Plus, she has a 1 year old, so she gets him lots of books. We do, too. I try to buy him quite a few. We are a big reading family. 🙂

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