January TBR


Welcome to 2018!!! I missed you guys even though it was only a week break lol.  I feel good coming back and just collecting my thoughts and planning this year of blogs. I am super excited about a lot of January’s tbr books. I am going for 10 books already towards my 2018 goal of 80 books which I think is a great start. My goal is to read 8-10 books a month which will help me hit my goal by August-September and then I have breathing room and can go past my goal. I am reading 3 physical books and 7 ebooks. So, let’s talk books I am reading the following books in order:


*Not Pictured: Reign of the Fallen, Pen & Xander, The Hazel Wood, The Devil You Know, Addicted to You, You’ll Think of Me, Hold on to Me*

1) City of Heavenly Fire

I am so excited to finally finish this series and start the other books set in this world which I got for Christmas along with this book. I LOVED the fifth book and so far I am loving this. I think the author really got much better with these last two books. By the time this blog is out I will be finished with this book.

2) The Devil You Know

I requested this on NetGalley and was denied so I just bought it on Amazon for my Kindle. It is a short book so by the time this is out I will be finished with this. It sounded like an interesting faced paced read and I am hoping it lives up to my expectations.

3) Reign on the Fallen

Another one from NetGalley and I FINALLY got approved. I am so excited to have my hands on this baby. I am still buying the physical book because LOOK AT IT. I am friends with the author on twitter and she is so awesome I just can’t WAIT to dive into this.

4) A Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

I got this baby for Christmas. It was everywhere last year and I finally caved. I am so intrigued by what this is about and more than excited to see what it has to offer me.

5) Pen & Xander

I signed up for a chance to get to read this and the author sent it to me. I saw a review or a post mentioned by my lovely friend Karen from Simply Karen and I was intrigued. It sounds like a cute and fun romance so I am excited to read it.

6) City of Brass

This book came in my Page Habit fantasy box and I SCREAMED!!! I have heard nothing but greatness about this book especially by my trusted book friend Leenah. I am a huge fantasy geek I mean it is my favorite!! I am so stocked to get to this book and give it all the love I know it will get.

7) Addicted to You

I love these authors so much and the books they write. I started with their Arieal Etheral series then their Lovers Like Us series which is set in the Addicted to you and Calloway sisters books. So, I finally have all 9 books in these last two series that I mentioned so I can begin them FINALLY. I am freaking so excited.

8) Hazel Wood

I got accepted for this book via NetGalley as well so, I am excited to see what this book has in store because I see how much hype it is getting.

9 & 10) You’ll Think of Me and Hold on to Me

These are two books apart of a series that I got free on Amazon. They sounded interesting so I figured they would close off the month on a good note.

I can’t wait to read all these goodies for this month and I think it will be a damn good time too lol. What are you reading this month????


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  2. Haven’t heard of most of these, but I’ve been considering to read A Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. I hope you do a review to let us know what you think when you’ve finished the book!

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