Road of the Lost Book Review





Road of the Lost by Aidan Russel

Published: January 11th, 2018

Genre: Fantasy


Reslo wants nothing more than to be home in time for supper, but ancient evils want to drown his forest homeland in blood. An outsider from birth, he is at last given an opportunity to serve alongside his people and save their mother forest. But if he thought fighting against the cruel Dark Elves and their Ogre allies would test his endurance, Reslo must also keep alive two bungling, novice knights from a foreign kingdom on a quest to find their lost champion. Fresh from squirehood, Jerah and Gratas are tasked to find the missing knight and the holy sword entrusted to them. If they perish, their kingdom’s armies will march, and war will be unavoidable. Road of the Lost is an epic-quest fantasy that features wise-cracking characters pitted against world-shattering adversity. The pages are filled with an abundance of intense, vivid, and consuming action. If you like classic fantasy with gritty combat and captivating heroes, then you’ll love this book! 

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review

DNF at 20%

I had major high hopes for this and I wanted to read it fully but I was super bored and just felt no need to make myself try and finish it. I just couldn’t get into it so much was happening but nothing was happening at the same time. Like there was fighting but I just didn’t get it. The story just started out with the characters in a forest and they’ve been in a forest. I was just super confused the whole time. Nothing was really explained at all and I know it was the beginning but we still got nothing to help understand where the story was going. It was also just a lot of nothing. I also didn’t like that we barely got dialogue it was just all story and as I said with not much happening and being talked at made this blah.

I did enjoy that this was a story about different mythical creatures and humans living in harmony. It was lots of the rings with ogres, humans, elves, etc. all living in the same world. The author also started out with good world building but it didn’t continue throughout so that was a drag. I also really enjoyed the little banter we did see between the Knights Gratas and Jerah. I’m sad that this didn’t work out like I hoped but it’s ok. I much rather DNF and pick up something I love than be bored and waste my time.

Now you know what I always say about books I DNF I still say you give this book a try. Just because I didn’t enjoy connect with it doesn’t mean you won’t. I never tell people to not even try a book out because everyone has their own opinions and their own favorite books/authors. I think this author has a lot of potential and I would 100% try something else they write to see if I enjoy that more. I hope you enjoyed this review.

If you have read this tell me your thoughts.

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