Top 20 Books of 2017


I read so many great books this year. How do you narrow down your top 20 or top 5? This was very hard so to make it a smidge easier I strictly am only naming my top 20 books released in 2017 and I will do it the same for every year. Plus I will mention my true number one read whether it was 2017 or not but the list is all 2017 releases at least that is was Goodreads and Amazon said lol. I will discuss a little bit on my top 5 but the rest I will just link to my full reviews. So, here are my top 20 books for this year.

My number one read for this year is 1000000000000% The Broken Empire Trilogy (Prince of Thorns, King of Thorns, Emperor of Thorns) but again this is strictly books released in 2017. But I had to mention them because that trilogy, especially the third, was the best books I read this year.

My review is here.

1)A Conjuring of Light


Nothing fails in the book. Besides my true number one, A Conjuring of Light took my breath away. This is one of my most favorite trilogies ever. I had tears when it ended and I am so excited that Schwab has a new trilogy set in this world because I am so ready to go back. My review is here.

2) Daughter of the Pirate King


Daughter of the Pirate King is one of the best debut novels I have ever read. The heroine is astounding and kicks butt with her best looking outfits and hair too. The romance is sexy and our male mc is swoon-worthy. I am so ready for book two.  My review is here.

3) Flame in the Mist


Miss Renée never fails with her writing. This was visually stunning just by the descriptions. It was sexy, mysterious, dangerous, and a wild adventure. I was kept on y toes and constantly guessing. Book two can’t come fast enough. My review is here.

4) Speak Easy, Speak Love


Another STUNNING debut based on one of the funniest and my most favorite Shakespeare plays. This romance was funny, witty, adventurous, and set in the wild roaring twenties. I am anticipating what this woman will write next. My review is here.

5) The Becoming of Noah Shaw


Michelle eft me SHOOK. I was on edge with every page of this wickedly sexy and insane novel. I am so glad we are delving into Noah’s mind and I can’t wait to see where she takes us next in the trilogy. I just need my babies back!!! My review is here.

6) Our Dark Duet


My review is here.

7) Lover’s Like US


My review is here.

8) Caraval


My review is here.

9) The Bear and the Nightingale


My review is here.

10) Carry On


My review is here.

11) Beg, Borrow or Steal


My review is here.

12) Naked We Came


My review is here.

13) Queendom of the Seven Lakes


My review is here.

14) The Adventurers Guild


My review is here.

15) Peter Darling


My review is here.

16) The Epic Fail or Arturo Zamora


My review is here.

17) 12 Days at Bleakly Manor


My review is here.

18) Because You Love to Hate Me


My review is here.

19) Infini


My review is here.

20) League of American Traitors


My review is here.

Honorable Mentions:
These are books not released in 2017 that would be in my top favs list outside of 2017 books. These are no particular order. City of Lost Souls, Escape from Asylum, The Archived, The Unbound, Lumatere Chronicles Trilogy, This Savage Song, Non-Heir Black Mage Novella, The Song of Achilles, Amour Amour, Vicious, A Darker Shade of Magic and A Gathering of Shadows, The Night Circus, Six of Crows Duology, Wrath and the Dawn Duology, Mara Dyer books 2 & 3.

That’s it for today’s post. I really hoped you enjoyed it. So what were your favorite books of 2017?


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