2018 Book Challenge 


So it’s the end of the year in a few days and I surpassed my 2017 Goodreads goal!!! I wanted to read 30 books and I read 70 so for 2018 my goal is 75-80 books. So for this post, I am going to split it into two. I will talk about books already out that I want to read the first half and the second half will be books coming out in 2018 that I want to read. So without further ado here is my 2018 reading challenge!

Books Already Published That I Will Be Reading

The Kite Runner, The Palace of Illusions, The Near Witch, City of Heavenly Fire, The Lunar Chronicles Series (1-4), Magnus Chase Books 1-2, Shadow Magic, Dream Magic, Vengeance Road, Retribution Rails, Bathsheba, Delilah, History Is All You Left Me, Asylum Novellas, The Female of the Species, Red Sister, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, Saints and Misfits, Godblind, The Blazing Star, The Wicker King, They Both Die at the End, The Hanging Girl, The Magic Misfits, The Black Mage Series (1-4), Cloaked in Shadow, Haven, The Tempation of Adam, Abroad Book One, Road Brothers, The Trials of Apollo Books 1-2, Labyrinth Lost, An Ember in the Ashes Series 1-2, Legend Trilogy, City of Brass, Traitor’s Kiss, Tiger’s Promise, And I Darken, Now I Rise, Captive Prince Trilogy, Three Dark Drowns, One Dark Throne, Red Queen Series Books 1-3, A Twisted Tale Trilogy, Four, Infernal Devices Trilogy, Fangirl, and Attatchments.

So this is my huge list of already published books that I will be reading. Many of these have the next books in their series coming out in 2018 and they will be on the list further down. The ones I am anticipating most from this list are in bold. I am stoked to read everything clearly as they wouldn’t be on my list but those I am just dying to get my hands on. Next up is 2018 releases.

2018 Releases That I Will Be Reading

Maguns Chase 3, (Don’t) Call Me Crazy, Marcus Vega Doesn’t Speak Spanish, Bright We Burn, Smoke in the Sun, Vengeful, The Lantern’s Ember, City of Ghosts, Tiger’s Dream, Alpha Like Us, War Storm, A Reaper at the Gates, Meet Cute, Legendary, Bruja Born, A Testamennt of Loki, A Thousand Beginnings and Endings, Grey Sister, Burning Magic, Abroad Book Two, Children of Blood and Bone, The Girl in the Tower, Suitors and Sabotage, The Burning Maze, Batman Nightwalker, Daughter of the Siren Queen, and The Falling Star.

Now, this is my list of 2018 releases that I will be reading. These books are either part of a series, the start of one, or a stand-alone. The covers of the ones that have been revealed are gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the rest. The ones I am anticipating most from this list are in bold. As I stated above, I am stoked to read everything clearly as they wouldn’t be on my list but those are the ones I am most excited about.

I think this is over 80 books and this doesn’t put into count what I will read on my Kindle app so let’s see what I hit by the end of next year. I am feeling ambitious. Well, that wraps up this post. I can’t wait to dive right into these books and devour them and write my reviews on them. What are you guys trying to read next year? What are your Goodreads challenge goals?


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21 thoughts on “2018 Book Challenge 

    1. Victoria/V.E. Schwab books, Michelle Hodkin books, Renee Adieh books, Rock Riordan books, Mellina Marchetta books, and Mark Lawrence books. They are all insta buy authors for me so any of their books I recommend bc they’re my favorites. Also if you click my Goodreads link in my blog and you look at my shelves I recommend those books to 🙂


  1. My goal is 160 next year.
    I think it’s awesome you can make a list of books like that. I know if I did, I wouldn’t read half by the end of the year, haha. I am a major moodreader. There are a lot of books I am looking forward to though.

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