Top 10 Albums of 2017

I love music!!! I don’t know about you but I am a huge music buff. I listen to so many albums a year and it is now time for my year-end favorite albums of 2017. I will talk a little bit about my top five but then 6-10 I will just list. I will also list my honorable mentions. So, here is my favorite albums of 2017.

1) Dua Lipa Self Titled


I love each song on this album. She is deff one of the new IT Pop girls. She has a unique voice and each track works well with her sound. My favorite track is between Lost in Your Light and Hotter than Hell.

2) Reputation by Taylor Swift


I have loved Taylor’s last few albums Red & 1989. I don’t really care about her personal life or whatever people hate her for. I love her music and she is a talented writer. Reputation is one of her best and her vocals are really good. My favorites are End Game and Don’t Blame Me.

3) After Laughter by Paramore 


Another album with tons of great songs and killer vocals. The production and writing is 100%. I can’t get over how great this album is and it is the perfect album for almost all occasions and feelings. My favorite from the record is Hard Times.

4) Tell Me You Love Me by Demi 


This is just a perfect album with INSANE vocals. This is 100% in my top 3 favorites of Demi’s albums. She is one of my favorite singers ever and I am so happy with how this turned out. My favorites are Tell Me You Love Me, Daddy Issues, Ruin the Friendship, and You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore.

5) Fifth Harmony Self Titled


This is such a sickening and solid pop album. I was really shook with how good the production, the vocals, and the writing was. It was a major step up from 7/27 and I loved it so much. My favorites were He Like That, Sauced Up, Make You Mad, Deliver, Lonely Night, and Don’t Say You Love Me.

6) Divide by Ed Sheeran

7) Grateful by Dj Khaled

8) Sweet Sexy Savage by Kehlani

9) Flicker by Niall

10) Five by Prince Royce

Honorable Mentions:
Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack, Rainbow by Kesha, A Pentatonix Christmas, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom by Halsey, Ten Years Ep by Aly and AJ.

That’s it for today’s post. I really hoped you enjoyed it. So what were your favorite albums of 2017?


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