Ebook Collection: Pros & Cons


Today is all about the lovely world of Ebooks. Now for me, I will always choose paper books over Ebooks mostly because for me I love the feel and smell of a book in my hand. But, I have over time learned about some good things about Ebooks. Also, there is a world of good books out there that I would be missing if I neglected Ebooks. Some books I love came out as Ebooks first. So, I had to get them that way. Also, I like the fact that if I’m not sure if I will like a book I can own it in my Ebook library and if it wasn’t that good my losses are less. And if I love the book I just buy it in paperback or hardback later. NetGalley also mostly gives out their ARCs as Ebooks so I in order to read those lovely books I had to accept EBooks. Before I go into my 5 pros and cons for Ebooks let’s have a look at my collection.

So, Naked We Came, Tess of the Road, The Girl in the Tower, The Adventurers Guild, Killer Choice, and 12 Days at Bleakly Manner are from NetGalley some are ARCS others were just downloadable. So far I have read 3 out of the six (the ones in green). The rest I will be reading next month. Then Infini, Amour Amour,Non-Heir, Damaged Like Us, The Mirror & The Maze, and The Crown & The Arrow are from Amazon. I read all the ones in this category but so far, I am only buying the two in green as paperback plus The Adventurers Guild. The three novellas (in orange) are only kindle books so I can’t buy them. This takes up a lot of space on my phone so I am definitely going to get a Kindle. Now on to the pros and cons of Ebooks.


  1. Portability- When you own a Kindle or Ebook reader device it is naturally much easier to walk around with than a paper book. If you are taking a long trip and want to take less weight with you an Ebook reader is easier to tote around and you can bring as many books with you as you want.
  2. Cost- A lot of the times these books are cheaper than a paper book and a lot of the times they go on sale for barely any price. Also sometimes you can even get some of them for free which can be fine when you just want to try out a book that you have never heard of.
  3. Instant Download- If you are itching to read a book that was just released or any book for that matter you don’t have to wait for the shipment. Ebooks go right to your device and you can start reading right away. Also, you can download anywhere at anytime.
  4. Nighttime Reading- I am a late reader or early morning reader and sometimes it’s a pain to have the light on running up the bill. I have those book lights but they don’t stay up on a paperback book it gets all flimsy. So, with an Ebook, you can read comfortably in bed or anywhere in the dark without all the hassle.


  1. Book Happiness- My number one reason for not going full blown E-Reader is because of the happiness I get when holding a book. I love the smell and feel of every book I own. I hug them, I scream with them, they are my friends and mean so much to me. Plus, I want to own a library from floor to ceiling. I could go on forever, to be honest, so I will stop here.
  2. Staring at a Screen- I work from home as a graphic designer so I stare at a computer all day plus I wear glasses. So, for me, the eye strain and the headache I get sometimes from looking at screens all day can be an irritation. So, to get the break I need I much rather a paper book.
  3. Technology Can Be Fickle- Sometimes my computer or phone freezes, sometimes the TV decides today I will cause problems, and so on. I think you get my drift but in case you don’t, I will explain. Your device might break or decide to have issues and then you’re stuck. A paper book won’t have any of these issues.
  4. Battery Issue-This ties in with 4 but it has its own spot. An E-Reader needs to be charged. A paper book does not. If you don’t have a car charger or your in a place where you can’t charge the battery then you have to wait however long till you can charge it again.
  5. No ‘Used’ Ebooks- This is for my vintage and thrift book lovers. If you are an avid second-hand shopper then E-Reading is not for you because there is no such thing. Also this an Ebook can cost more for certain titles than a second-hand book would cost.

My collection has grown since I wrote this but I don’t have time to add them. That is it for today’s post. So, what do you prefer? What are some of your pros and cons of E-Readers and Ebooks? I will see you all next time.


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13 thoughts on “Ebook Collection: Pros & Cons

  1. I love that ebooks allow me access to more books than I would normally have. My ebook library is expansive!! I love having a vast collection to choose from. I still read physical books too, I don’t think I’ll ever give them up, but, it’s nice to be able to lay in bed and be able to read without a big light attached!!

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  2. I honestly love both. I prefer to own a book, especially if I love it. But the kindle paperwhite has been amazing for me. I’m able to read a lot of arcs that way and then I can buy the physical copy later if I want it. I don’t get eye strain from it, can read in bed at night, and can highlight notes easily. It also helps with space which I’m running out of again. But nothing beats a real physical book for me.

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  3. The paperwhite has e-ink so eyestrains never happen to me anymore. Also, being able to read it outside is so nice. Physical books are special. When I have a signed copy of the book I like, by the author I’m a fan of, it’s very satisfying!

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  4. Wowwwooooewooo 😍😍😍😍 love your collection.
    I myself am a big time lover of paper books, the smell of pages and the excitement to turn the next page. But again e-books are necessities.
    An awesome post again Sweetheart ❀️

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  5. I think i have the same opinions as you! Also get a kindle paperback!! the eye strains and headache will disappear!
    it’s really comfy for our eyes.
    Although it’s black and white, so sometimes i feel like the books on my kindle are lifeless:|
    I would choose a paperback over an ebook a million times!
    great post HUN!

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