A Book Lover’s Gift Guide


So, obviously, next month is December so Christmas will be upon us sooner than we think. Usually, people start their shopping in November so, that is why I decided to do this post this month and not next month. Sometimes people want to get book lovers things besides books so here are some unique and fun things I found online for all those book nerds in your life.

I will hyperlink them so you can find the gifts easily enough without much hassle. Let’s begin with the fun. 

*I couldn’t post pictures because WordPress was being weird. 

  1. Books- The number one thing to get a book lover is always books lol. If you don’t know a specific book someone wants then get them a gift card to bookstores or Amazon.
  2. Floating Book Shelves- This is for those people who love unique shelves. This could be really awesome in a room, library, office, or living room. Here is the link.
  3. Antique Book Tissue Box Dispenser- This is so cute and would serve as such a cute decoration on a nightstand or desk while also serving a great purpose for your nose. Here is the link.

  4.  Vintage leather book case/sleeve for MacBook Pro- You need a Mac Pro for this one but I ADORE IT SO MUCH. My mother has one and when I get my MacBook Pro next year I am so getting this case. Here is the link

  5. Book Smell Candles- I LOVE THE SMELL OF BOOKS!!!! This is such a creative and fun thing. I want at least 100 of these for my home. Here is the link.
  6. Book Cover Comforter- I think I would sleep soundly with this being my bedspread. It is so vintage and has books all over it. What is not to love? Here is the link.
  7. Personal Library Embosser- This is amazing because I write my name in my books and this would just be so much cleaner and prettier. Here is the link.
  8. Sleep Less, Read More Pillow- Do I even need to explain this? This should be on every book lovers bead. Here is the link.
  9. The Book Was Better T-Shirt- Ever since I saw this shirt I knew in my heart I had to have it. I think all book lovers feel this shirt on a spiritual level. Here is the link.
  10. Book of the Dead Brass Cuff Bracelet – This piece of jewelry and the other’s I found on this Etsy shop would be amazing gifts for book lovers. They are stylish and cute. I especially want this one. Here is the link.

This was a fun post to do and I hope you have a lot of fun Christmas shopping or any holiday shopping for the book fiends in your life. Or maybe you will buy these items for yourself I know I will be getting a few off these 🙂 Well that is all for today until next time lovelies.


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10 thoughts on “A Book Lover’s Gift Guide

  1. I was so excited when this came up in my feed because I just wrote a post similar to this to go up on my blog in a couple weeks. I loved to see what items you chose, and spoiler alert we both picked a candle from Frostbeard Studios different scents but I still thought that was cool. I can not get over the personal library embosser. I think I might have to invest in one, my friends are always teasing me saying I have my own personal library, This would just make it perfect.

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