My Fiction Bucket List


Who here says man I would love to go clubbing with Percy Jackson or fend off pirates with Princess Alosa? And etc etc…After I read my books I tend to dream of the characters and what I would do with them.  I stumbled across this thing called a Fiction Bucketlist. A bucket list is the things you want to do in your life so, a fictional one is essentially the same thing. It’s what you would do with the fictional world.

For mine, I wanted to say what I would do with the characters in each of my books. If it is a series then I will count that as one. This might be a bit long but I think it will be so fun to try. So without further ado…

I want to:

  1. Go on a cross-kingdom adventure with Finnikin and Isaboe
  2. Fight alongside Froi in a major battle 
  3. Go riding with Shazi on her carpet
  4. Marry Khalid (sorry Shazi)
  5. Go on a cross-country road trip with Mara and Noah
  6. Get revenge on someone with Victor Vale
  7. Kill some monsters with August Flynn
  8. Become a Keeper with Mackenzie Bishop
  9. Participate in Caraval
  10. Be a pirate on Princess Alosa’s ship
  11. Attend Hero’s Speakeasy
  12. Become a Dauntless
  13. Kill a demo with the Shadowhunters
  14. Cause havoc with Kell, Lila, Rhy, and Alucard
  15. Go on a scary house road trip with Dan Crawford and the gang
  16. Go on a heist and become apart of the Dreggs
  17. Go to India with Ren
  18. Become a vampire with the Cullens
  19. Be apart of Emperor Jorg’s road brothers as his second in command
  20. Party with Percy Jackson and crew
  21. Attend Camp-Half Blood
  22. Defeat a Greek god with Percy
  23. Defeat an Egyptian god with Carter and Sadie Kane
  24. Go on a date with Anubis
  25. Go to a historical museum with Carter Kane
  26. Learn how to shoot a bow & arrow by Katniss
  27. Attend The Night Circus
  28. Attend Gatsby’s parties
  29. Interview a vampire like Lestat
  30. Attend a feast at the House of Elrond with Bilbo
  31. Go to the movies with Ponyboy
  32. Defeat any mortal enemy in my books
  33. Escape the hunger games
  34. Save one of my books kingdoms
  35. Swim with Ariel
  36. Read with Belle
  37. Spend a day in the Beasts castle and his library
  38. Fly to Neverland with Peter Pan
  39. Be apart of the Adventurer’s Guild
  40. Attend the Amour Amour circus show
  41. Go on a double date with Timofei
  42. Become a black mage
  43. Learn magic from Kell
  44. Fight alongside Achilles in war
  45. Paint with James Lancer
  46. Trick Lord Death
  47. Defeat Smaug
  48. Attend Aragorn and Arwen’s wedding
  49. Solve a mystery with Sherlock Holmes
  50. Be claimed by Hades and try ambrosia

Tell me in the comments, what might be on your fiction bucket list? I decided 50 was enough lol. I would basically want to do all the adventure’s that happen in my book (but I will like to live through them). I just want to hang out with all of these characters in real life. Well, that’s all for today hope you enjoyed. 


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21 thoughts on “My Fiction Bucket List

  1. I’ve recently wrote my personal bucket list 2.0 edition and I’ve been busy writing my bookish bucket list article for a while now as well and finished it today. It’ll go online this Saturday. I got a whole list of authors I’d love to meet, authors I’d love to interview and a lot of other bookish stuff I’d like to do; visit libraries, attend bookexpo America and much more. The list could be endless haha. so much to see, so much to do..

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  2. Hahaha i love your post ideas! Creative af 😂😂 and damn girl you practically read every YA fantasy novel out there, right? I only recognized a few, im more of a contemporary than Fantasy kind of girl.
    But what id really like to do is go to the NIGHT COURT WITH RHYSAND 😍😍😍

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    1. Yeah my favorite genre is fantasy/epic fantasy/dark fantasy/high fantasy and historical fiction. I usually just spend a day searching a lot of book post ideas I try to change it up and keep it fun. I’ve noticed you’re a big contemporary fan it’s not really my genre I’ll only read it if the summary sounds REALLY good. And who is rhysand?


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