October Monthly Wrap-Up


lifeupdate-09OMG hey people so this has been a crazy amazing. It was my birthday month October 29th, so this past month, was my birthday and I turned the love age of 23. So, another month of blogging has been completed. I am going to break down my month a little bit so let’s see how I did, shall we? I have written 16 blog posts (including this one) this month. My stats for the month (excluding today) are 665 views, 253 visitors, 220 likes, 97 comments, and views from 29 different countries. I also reached 136 followers so I am super happy. Everything went up from last month and that means so much to me I hope to continue spreading joy with my posts. I also went to Disney for the first time and it was the most exciting thing in the world.

The Best Thing I Did This Month:Β Going to DISNEY!!!!!

Disney 2017 (725)

Favorite Art Project I Completed:Β I participated in Inktober if you want to see it you can check out my katraee.

Now let’s take an inside view of what went down in October.


I read Speak Easy, Speak Love, Daughter of the Pirate King, The Hearts We Sold, Escape From Asylum, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Because You Love To Hate Me, The Broken Empire Trilogy, and a reread of Amour Amour. In total 10 books were completed. But I am still working on City of Lost Souls and Naked We Came.

My top book(s) that I have read this month are The Broken Empire Trilogy and Daughter of the Pirate King. My runner-ups are Escape From Asylum and Because You Love To Hate Me.


My Best post this month was my My Favorite Tv Shows post with 60 views. My runner-ups were my Soundtrack To My Life Book Tag (50 views) and The Hearts We Sold Book Review (34 views). If you have not read my posts and would like to here is my October posts happy reading πŸ™‚

October 2nd- Soundtrack To My Life Book Tag
October 4th- Neil Gaiman Book Reviews
October 5th- Speak Easy, Speak Love Book Review
October 7th- My Favorite TV Shows
October 9th- Recent Art Projects
October 11th- Daughter of the Pirate King Book Review
October 12th- The Hearts We Sold Book Review
October 14th- Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag
October 16th- Fav Book Couples
October 18th- Escape From Asylum Book Review
October 19th- A Midsummer Night’s Dream Book Review
October 21st- The Sunshine Blogger Award
October 25th- Because You Love To Hate Me Book Review
October 26th- Broken Empire Trilogy Book Reviews
October 28th- You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag


*This means they are on heavy rotation

  • A Pentatonix Christmas by Pentatonix*
  • Flicker (album) by Nial Horan*
  • Boom Boom by Red One*
  • Havana by Camila Cabello*
  • ReggaetΓ³n Lento by CNCO & Little Mix
  • In Your Phone by Ty Dolla $ign & Lauren Jauregui
  • Por Favor by Pitbull & Fifth Harmony
  • Can You See by Fifth Harmony*
  • Gorgeous by Taylor Swift
  • Ready For It by Taylor Swift


I didn’t get to actually watch any new movies this month so November I need to catch up lo;.

As far as TV shows go I am finishing up Glee and I binged watch Stranger Things season 2.


Reading Challenge Update: I am now at 53/30. I think I could hit 60 0r even 70+ by the end of the year and I am so happy because I didn’t even know if I would hit 30.

Currently Reading:



Carry On

This looks super cute and exciting and I just started it so I can’t wait to really dive into it.

You can get it on Goodreads & Amazon

It was published May 9th, 2017 & is a YA Fantasy Romance



City of Lost Souls

This is by Cassandra Clare and I am one step closer to finishing this series that I have a love-hate relationship with.

You can get it on Goodreads & Amazon

It was published May 8th, 2012 & is a YA Paranormal/Fantasy


This is what I’ve posted on my Instagram/bookstagram for September.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That is it for my October Monthly Wrap-up πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoyed and to all my new followers this month thank you and I hope you continue to enjoy my posts for next month & the rest of the year.


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6 thoughts on “October Monthly Wrap-Up

  1. Awesome wrapup!! And DISNEY? aaah so awesome ❀
    Your stats are really great as well. Nice amount of likes and comments you've got xD

    I haven't read all of your articles from October yet but that's so nice about wrap-ups like these in which you mention all your articles again; now I have all the links together so I can read em back to back xD

    I've completed my Goodreads challenge this month, so I'm really happy with that as well. Totally forgot to mention that in my own wrap-up article, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you:))) this is how I do them every month I find it much more fulfilling. Yes it was my first time it was so fun.

      I hope you enjoy them all πŸ™‚

      I think I finished it in August and I was so excited it’s so exciting when you do


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