Favorite Book Couples


Today will be a nice little short post. I just wanted to give a shout out to my favorite book couples. I will discuss my top five in a few sentences and just mention my love for the rest. Let’s begin, shall we?

Number One

Shazi & Khalid (The Wrath & The Dawn Duology), Finnikin & Isaboe (The Lumatere Chronicles), Ren and Kelsey (Tiger’s Curse Series)

They all are my number ones. Their romance and love story was out of this world. Khalid, Finnikin, and Ren are the kings of romance. I love everything about these couples. They had so many iconic lines & scenes. Khalid & Shazi had the most intense love and iconic lines. Finnikin & Isaboe had the most romantic and passionate love and sensual scenes. Ren and Kelsey had the most infuriating love yet I knew they were soulmates and would handle anything.

Number Two

Froi & Quintana (The Lumatere Chronicles), Delilah & Kell (Shades of Magic Trilogy)

I love my feisty couples who go on wild adventures together and apart. These are my bravest couples. They went through so much to get where they are and they really don’t NEED each other but they are meant for each other. Kell & Froi both do something similar with their wicked tongues in the books lol so, I thought that was interesting. I can’t explain why I love these couples I just do. They are brave and not all lovey dovey but they have the same passion and love for the other as do my number one couples.

Number Three

Achilles & Patroclus (The Song of Achilles)


I can’t talk much about them without getting a bit teary eyed. They deserved so much more. They deserved happiness and everything good but, it wasn’t meant to be. I LOVE them every scene with them was perfect. They were the perfect example of a slow build relationship. Everything about them makes my heart sing.

Number Four

Rhy & Alucard (Shades of Magic Trilogy)


My children!!! Their whole story needs a whole book. They were so precious. I was so happy with their ending because it was what they deserved but, especially what Rhy deserved. With the little we got of them I still fell in love with their love.

Number Five

Inej & Kaz (Six of Crows Duology)


They were so subtle but so perfect. I couldn’t stop smiling when Kaz talked about bottling up Inej’s laugh so he could keep it forever. I love knowing that they will continue to grow and he will hopefully let all his guard down. I love them so much and will protect them.

I would totally add Riden & Alosa to my top list but I wrote this post before I read the book. The rest of the couples I love are Bennedick & Beatrice, Mackenzie & Wesley, Tris & Four, Trevanion & Beatriss, Gargarin & Lirah, Arjuro & De Lancey, Despina & Jalal, Mara & Noah, Owen & Annabel, Celia & Marco, Nina & Matthias, Jesper & Wylan, Scarlett & Julian, Annabeth & Percy, Jace & Piper, Hazel & Frank, and Sadie & Anubis.

I will definitely have more the more books I read but for now, these are my favorites. Who are your favorite book couples?


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