Daughter of the Pirate King Book Review





Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller

Published: February 28th, 2017

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy/Adventure


There will be plenty of time for me to beat him soundly once I’ve gotten what I came for. Sent on a mission to retrieve an ancient hidden map—the key to a legendary treasure trove—seventeen-year-old pirate captain Alosa deliberately allows herself to be captured by her enemies, giving her the perfect opportunity to search their ship. More than a match for the ruthless pirate crew, Alosa has only one thing standing between her and the map: her captor, the unexpectedly clever and unfairly attractive first mate, Riden. But not to worry, for Alosa has a few tricks up her sleeve, and no lone pirate can stop the Daughter of the Pirate King. 

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“If you wanted me dead, you would have already killed me,” I say. “Since you want me alive, you will comply with my terms…But for every man I lose, you shall lose one as well…Or shall we see just how many of your men I can kill as you try to force me over.”

How is this a debut novel? Daughter of the Pirate King has everything I could want in a book. It had aspects of fantasy, adventure, amazing characters, plot, bad ass heroine, swoon-worthy first mate, romance and so much more. Fantasy is my favorite genre so I was hooked to know this book would be dealing with some mythical elements. I recently said I wanted to see different mythical creatures in a book and different types of people and I got both. We have a half-siren and pirates!!! Miss Tricia’s writing was amazing she wrote the banter perfectly and her story unfolded magically. I really loved the building romance and Riden’s admiration for Alosa. I am so excited to see where book 2 takes us with her powers because I want to see them and her fighting skills in full effect now that she’s back in her own ship. I also can’t wait to see how Alosa and Riden grow because SWOON. That cover by the way is simply stunning.

“Weaknesses become strengths. Fear becomes resolve. These men don’t know who they’re dealing with. I am power strength. I am death and destruction. I am not someone to be trifled with. They are beneath my notice.” 


1) Princess Alosa

“Lass, you’ve the face of an angel but the tongue of a snake.”

Alosa is a fierce pirate half-siren. Her character has become one of my top 5 because she is not just any pirate but a CAPTAIN with a whole female crew. Yes, you read that correctly a female crew with few or no men. The story starts with her capture of an enemy crew but not to their knowledge she got captured on purpose and she causes a whole lot of havoc (especially for Riden but we will get to that later.) She was extremely sarcastic and witty. She is never intimidated by men and extremely powerful (she doesn’t use her full strength for reasons known in the book.) She is literally a better version of Jack Sparrow. She’s a great fighter & killer (when needed) some of my favorite moments were on page 5, 8, 75 (Riden not knowing if she was good or REALLY good lol), 151 (her feeling about hair I mean same), and 161.

2) Adventurous & Fast Paced

“I feel sturdier on the sea than I do on land. I’m used to her movements, her language. She’ll tell you what she’s going to do, if you listen.”

The beginning wasn’t some long drawn out tedious mess. It got right into the story of her being captured on purpose and the plot just kept rolling from there on. I love when a story can peak my interest right away and not bore me and this story did no such thing. I read this in two sittings because I couldn’t put it down or stop thinking about it.

3) Pirates!!!!!

“There are many kinds of pirates, but Riden is the first I’ve met who feels remorse for his pirating. Perhaps that’s why I find him so interesting. He treats me better than any other pirate would a prisoner, I’m sure.”

I have not read a story with pirates or this kind of plot so for me this was a new and fresh plot and unlike other stuff, I have read. I love fantasy because there are so many aspects and nooks & crannies you can explore. I love that the author had girl and guy pirates because it breaks that stereotype that only guys can be one. Some of my favorites from the book were one Alosa and her whole female crew lol, Riden, Enwen, and Kearan.

4) The Relationship Between Alosa & Riden

“Riden knows where to stroke my skin to make me feel more alive. He has me practically panting under the pressure of his lips. I gasp when his teeth nip at the skin above my throat.”

I kind of love how they both had dark pasts and tough lives at sea yet both never lost that humanity about themselves. Riden is cocky, intelligent, and the perfect person to go toe to toe in banter with Alosa. They made me swoon. Their chemistry was apparent from the beginning even if they themselves didn’t notice. My favorite moments were page 40-42 (EEEK), 102-104, 114-116, 124, 156, 163-164, 200-202, 236, 269 (I LOVE that he can bring Alosa back to herself from going full-on siren), and 305. I love them so much and can’t wait to see more of them in book 2.

This song Stockholm Syndrome reminded me of Riden and how he felt towards Alosa because I truly believe he is gone for the girl. I love this book and I really believe people should read it. I can’t wait to see what else this author writes if this was just a debut. I added her Viking book to my tbr because again she is just writing about new and different things and I love it. Hope you enjoyed.


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  1. Daughter of the Pirate King are one of my favorite books. I laughed out loud so many times reading the relationship between Riden and Alosa and all of their now inside jokes! Just saying redecorate the room xD Can´t wait for the siren queen!!

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