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This tag was created by Maureen Keavy. So today is obviously another book tag but in the form of Hamilton! I thought this would be super fun and I am so excited so just keep scrolling to see how I answered this lovely tag.


In another tag, I said the Percy Jackson world so I will pick something new so that these tags aren’t all the same. So I think I would love to insert myself into Victoria Schwab’s world of Verity. Verity is a territory among 10 territories from her Monster’s of Verity duology (This Savage Song & Our Dark Duet). It has monsters and a whole lot of fighting so, I just think it would be fun.


I feel Sadie Kane from Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles Trilogy is EXTREMELY underrated. The whole trilogy is so she is just even more so. I mentioned her in my favorite female characters post and it just bugs me how no one raves about her. She is literally a really powerful character who is a smart, sarcastic, bad ass.


That would be the infamous Victor Vale from Vicious. He was dead set on revenge and did not let a thing get in his way. He was such wicked character (in a good way I think lol.) I can’t want to see how he continues to go after all he can in the next books.


I am going to have to pick a lot of the gods from the Percy Jackson series & the Heros of Olympus series. I can’t pick just one because they all were a bit snooty and sarcastic lol. They weren’t “villains” per say but they were not exactly helpful to the kids.


I really don’t get to do this much because the series usually isn’t finished but I think I did this with the Percy Jackson series, the Mortal Instruments series, The Wrath & The Dan duology, the Six of Crows duology, and the Clique series. Some of these weren’t complete but I read a bunch of them back to back.


I have a few actually A Gathering of Shadows, A Conjuring of Light, Six of Crows duology, Vicious, Percy Jackson series, & Heros of Olympus series. These all had multiple POVs and it was done really well each character had a distinct voice.


I haven’t read it but I am pretty sure the Harry Potter series will always be remembered and even if people have their own feelings about it Twilight will as well. Even if people don’t admit it to this day people talk about the books and movies whether they liked it or not. It is still being talked about so I think both will be remembered in history. Also The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit. All four will definitely be spoken about in regards to book to movie adaptions.


Khalid & Shazi from The Wrath and the Dawn duology and Ren & Kelsey from The Tiger’s Curse series. The moment these two relationships graced my pages I knew they were the end game. Through all the trials and tribulations I knew my babies would come out on top no matter what.


I really liked the war scenes in The Song of Achilles. I think the author did a wonderful job especially in the final one with Patroclus (MY POOR HEART.) She really kept me on high alert and squeezing my book lol.


I  don’t feel guilty about what I read. So how I will answer this is more so a book that I enjoyed that everyone trashes and that is the Twilight series. Yeah, it is not the greatest but I think it was a perfect book for what it was and at the time it came out. It really opened big doors for YA books and the YA books to movies.


None of the series I have read need another book but this stand alone book called The Silver in the Blood does. It ended good but there was the whole case of, what would happen with The Wing? I just don’t feel we had closure with that part and it felt like it needed another book.


Pasha & Ahmed from Rooftops of Tehran. In a lot of books, I don’t see male friendships as close as girls. I feel like in today’s society if two males are close they are considered gay because masculinity is so fragile. In this book, we are set in Persian culture and the male friendships are so beautiful especially these two. Pasha literally calls Ahmed his pillar to lean on. I hope to see more books, especially by male authors, showing males being super close & needing each other as a normal thing. Guys should be able to cry, hug, and say I love or care about you to each other in a platonic way and not be ridiculed.


TBH I feel like I am super late to reading so many books lol but especially The Mortal Instruments.


I wish Matthias from Crooked Kingdom, Tris from Allegiant, and Holland from A Conjuring of Light were all still alive. They didn’t deserve the endings they got. *BIG SLOPPY TEARS*


I don’t think there is anything more heartbreaking than a relationship that ends because one character dies. So, I will be choosing any relationship from any book that ended due to a death as the answer. 😦


I just mentioned this but I really did not see Tris dying in Allegiant coming. I was shook. I actually cried and screamed lol.

That was super fun so I think for this week I would actually like to tag a few people. So I will tag imjaclyn, blue lily and blue, and sincerely Karen Jo.

I hope you enjoyed it and if anyone else does this tag please let me know.


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