Disccusion: I Want to See More…


Since I talk so much about books I love, I wanted to have a discussion about 25 things I would love to see in books more. I get a lot from books but I still feel like some of these things are lacking in books and I hope more authors write them.

25 Things I Want to See More in Books

More books especially YA that doesn’t feature a romance or just subtle romance 

I LOVE romance I am a true hopeless romantic but, in some stories, it just feels so unnecessary. One thing I hate in action movies or war movies is when in the middle of fighting for their lives or the war we get a sex scene or make out session. I always scream like WE DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS! So, I would just like if we saw more subtle romances like in A Darker Shade of Magic or no romance like in This Savage Song.

♠ More characters who can fight with their minds.

I think it would be so dope if we saw main characters that didn’t need to physically fight. The idea of using their mind to kick some major ass is so iconic. They would literally be untouchable and I would enjoy every minute of seeing how an author pulled this off.

♠ POC IN FANTASY / In stories not about their marginalization.

It is beautiful seeing stories about the different struggles we POC/Marginalized people face but, I want to see us kicking a demons ass. I want to see us in a Roman mythology, in a fairytale retelling, as kings & queens, in fantasy, sci-fi, etc. I want to see this representation go beyond just what we struggle.

♠ MORE LATIN REPRESENTATION especially Puerto Rican or Peruvian 

I have never read a book where the main character in Puerto Rican and/or Peruvian (that’s what I am) and I would love to see it. I long to see myself in a story all about magic and fantasy. I hope one day I will see my people in every genre doing so many bad ass things.

♠ Guy Friendships

As I’ve stated before in my posts I don’t see many stories about close guy friends. We always see great female friendships in different genres and settings. I want to see more stories highlighting guy friendships and not just in contemporary.

♠  More books set in countries other than the United States. 

I don’t mean the books that are set in made up worlds. I want to see stories that are set in our world but in different parts of the world not just here in America.

♠ Male POVs (NOT multiple POVs)/Male pov Disney re-tellings)

I feel like for every story published in a male pov 100000 female POVs get published lol. In my whole collection, I have 17/100 books that are solely male POV. I happen to love seeing into a guys mind so I want so much more lol. I also really want to see Disney and fairy tale re-tellings in the male’s perspective. Imagine seeing how Beast felt, or Prince Charming, or Le Shang?

♠ Actual Badass Female Characters

How many times do we read about how kick butt a female character is but they don’t actually do anything really cool? I want to see more female characters that are legitimately tough like Kate Harker in This Savage Song. She held a girl by her throat up against the wall and held a knife to her face lol like alright girl. Also, can we get these bad ass characters to know they are dope and beautiful? I am tired of reading about girls who have 209987989 male characters after them and the girl is like “oh I am insecure and ugly.”  No, give me more confident girls because that is what we need to be teaching girls!

♠ Unapologetic villains, monsters, etc

It gets annoying reading about villains or monsters “wanting to be good or human.” I want to read about a vampire who doesn’t apologize that he needs blood to survive or the villains who say they do things but do nothing. I want them to be what they are and not apologize for it like Victor Vale or Osaron.

♠ Animal Companions

I don’t watch Game of Thrones but I saw a pic of Daenerys and Drogon. It was so cool seeing her going to battle this army and she’s riding on the back of this dragon type thing. I would love to see more books where the MC has an animal/fantasy creature as a companion.

♠ More Dark, Twisted Atmospheres

I think it would be really neat to see the environment & setting of books be darker and twisted. I want to feel that when reading because I think it will be cool.

♠ Morally Ambiguous Characters

This should be self-explanatory. I just think they would be very interesting characters to read about and they would be more dimensional.

♠ Heists

I love the plot twists that usually happen in these stories because they are actually twists I don’t see coming.

♠ Alternate Dimensions

I love the concept of a parallel universe or multiverse and I want to see more authors try this type of setting instead of just dealing with one place.

♠ More paranormal creatures besides vampires, wolves, angels, and demons

I have read one too many books with them and I am tired. I want to see Faes, hybrids, centaurs, aliens, cyborgs, dragons, shape shifters that shift into other animals besides wolves, and many other creatures we don’t see a lot.

♠ Different historical eras like the Prohibition Era or Roman Era Settings

I read a lot of books that deal with the same historical eras and I would like to see authors take a try at other eras.

♠  Gangs/Drug Lords

This is a concept that I think would be so good. I think movies with gangs and drug lords are really good so, I would like to see some books that use that.


I have read a lot of Greek & Egyptian mythology so I would like to see some other ones. Some that I want to see are Native American, Asian, and Latin mythology.

♠ Dark Fairytale Retellings

I see a lot of cute retellings or modern day retellings I think a good twist on this over used concept would be making them dark. Also just in general I would like to see different retellings. I have seen so many Beauty & the Beast or Peter Pan lol let’s get some variety.

♠ Villains and Anti-Heroes POV (including retellings)

I want to read from the villains or anti-heroes pov especially in Disney retellings. I always want to see their backstory and their side of the fight and I would like to read a story where the villain wins omg.

♠ A Closed Environment/ People Stuck together

My best example is something like the arena for the hunger games or for an even better idea would be a setting like the Saw movies. I think this is where an author can really delve into the mind of how people react in do or die situations.

♠ Superheroes

I see them in movies but not in books. You can take this in so many directions not even just regular comic style. Imagine Batman in high fantasy? Magneto in Greek mythology. I just think it could be fun.

♠ Disabled characters but still kicking ass

I especially love when they’re the leader of some gang or fighting in major battles. I think it is so important for disabled people to see themselves in a book and kicking some major ass.

♠  YA horror and psychological suspense

I love horror/psychological thriller movies and I feel it would be amazing to see it more in YA and NA books.

♠ Gender flipped retellings

Lastly, I want to see retellings that have been gender flipped. A female beast and the odd boy. Jasmine as the street rat and Aladdin the son to a Sultan. Maybe even a male Maleficent, Prince Philip asleep, and Aurora waking the sleeping prince with a kiss. There are so much more but I would love to see that.

Is there anything you would add? Do you want to see any of this in books? Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed. See you next time.


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9 thoughts on “Disccusion: I Want to See More…

  1. This is so real! I love this post although i disagree with the Romance part, i Don’t pick novels who don’t feature some romance parts, i just don’t. But the male pov is just what i need ! Im so sick of the women’s pov, youknow? And more stories based outside of the US! Yes please 🤗

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