What Books Should Be Movies?


Recently I had done minimalist book posters to books that I wanted to be movies. So, for today I thought I would show off each of them individually. Plus, a few sentences on why they should be movies. Hope you enjoy.

1. Vicious


Vicious would be such a dope film and the two following it. I don’t want to go into a full blown review on the book because I reviewed it already. So, I will just say that this would be a perfect fantasy/sci-fi & thriller/action movie. I would say sci-fi/fantasy like X-Men (supernatural humans) & thriller/action like Atomic Blonde (basically killing lol).

This Savage Song


I can see this duology being a really cool YA movie adaption. It would be a cross between paranormal & dystopian. So Resident Evil meets Divergent. Obviously, the book isn’t like these films at all but Resident Evil has the paranormal monsters and Divergent is a dystopian world.

The Night Circus


The Night Circus is such a beautiful story that I believe anyone who has read it could agree with this. I would love to see these characters & circus come to life. This would be a fantasy/drama film and I can’t think of any films to compare it to.

A Conjuring of Light


Really all of Victoria’s books should be movies and they are fun to create minimalist book cover posters for. I saw this photograph with smoking hands so, I basically made that image in a minimalist style. It reminded me of the scene where the people of London were possessed by Osaron. This whole trilogy would be intense movies from beginning to end. They would be a fantasy/adventure/drama like The Lord of The Rings but less of a high fantasy like them.

Six of Crows


Another duology I want to see done. I think these characters deserve to be seen on the big screen plus I want to see this world in live action. I picture it so cool and I just want to see a film company bring it to life. Plus I want to see the heist go down and that Ice Castle OMG. This would be fantasy/adventure.

Honorable Mentions

Lumatere Chronicles, Rooftops of Tehran, Silver in the Blood, Amour Amour, The Song of Achilles, Tigers Curse, A Darker Shade of Magic, & Caraval.

What did you think of my posters? What books do you want to see become movies?


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8 thoughts on “What Books Should Be Movies?

  1. I definitely agree about This Savage Song. I think if it was done right, it would be a fantastic movie!

    Honestly, I haven’t read the rest on your list, but I promise they are all on my TBR!


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