Top 5 Stand Alone Novels


I had recently spoken about all my favorite book series, trilogies, and duologies. Today I want to give highlights to my favorite stand alone books. These books were all so beautiful alone they really didn’t need any book to follow although I would’ve loved that. I hope you enjoy today’s post.

The Song of Achilles


If you want to see my full review on this book click here. Since I already raved about it I will keep this short lol. This book really should be read by everyone. It was a brilliant debut novel and beautifully written. The romance was done with such grace. Some M/M that I’ve read is so over sexualized as if they can’t be anything but that. The history was given to us in a way that kept me on my toes even though I knew how this would end. The POV chosen was perfect for this novel and I just love everything about this book. If you have not you should definitely read it.

The Night Circus


This was such a magical book. Read my full review here. Truly the magic popped off the pages. I found myself dreaming and longing to visit this circus as if I was a character. This was like nothing I have ever imagined. The romance was a slow burning beautifully passionate one that I fell in love with. The characters were all loveable and I actually love how the author laid out the story to go from the past to present. This was a story I pictured so vividly and I wish it was real.

The Great Gatsby


I read this iconic novel when I was in highschool. My junior English class had read the book and seen the movie and I loved both so much. Both the movies were fantastic adaptions of the book. I really don’t know what captured me about this book. Gatsby  & Nick for one were my favorite characters, the time period I LOVE so much, the lessons in the book and the questions it makes you ask, and just the story it self. This book was one of those books that I am so glad I found thanks to school.

Just Listen


This was one of my first ever contemporary books that I read when I was much younger. I never liked any other book by this author but something about this book really resonated with me. The storyline deals with so many things i.e. eating disorders, music (major in the story), anger, high school dynamics, family relationships, and rape. Sarah Dessen handled the heavy stuff with grace though and none of it felt romanticized.

The Outsiders


I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!! I read this in my middle school 8th grade English class. I hated most of the books we read but then my teacher hands out this novel and I devoured it. This book was so good even my father loves it to this day, from his middle school class, and he hates reading lol. The story line, the characters, the message, the time period, I just love this book so much. The movie was perfect as well.

Honorable Mentions

Interview with a Vampire, Insomnia, Rooftops of Tehran, Angela’s Ashes, Testimony, Twisted, An Abundance of Katherines, Silver in the Blood, and The Tiger’s Wife.

So what are some of your favorite stand alone novels?

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