Recent Art Projects


I wanted to show you all a little bit of my artistic talent. So here are the 6 little projects that I worked on for the month of August.

Little Mountains

Medium Used: Pen & Ink, White Acrylic Paint

I see these type of drawings all the time on Pinterest & Google. The first one I redid from one I saw so credits to whoever made it. The other 3 are inspired by those types of cute little mountains. They were a fun exercise to create and I want to do these more often.

Girl in Space


Medium Used: Pen & Ink, Acrylic Paint

I saw an image of a girl underwater a while back and so, it inspired me to have this girl in space. I love using two different mediums it’s always a joy working with more than one medium.

Minimalist Book Posters

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Medium Used: Illustrator

I am a graphic artist so of course, I wanted to do a digital art project. I am always doing work for other people so I don’t get the time to create digital artwork for myself anymore. I love minimalism in digital art & fine art so I wanted to work with that style. I love books and I always see artists do these posters with movies so I decided to do it with some of my fav books. It is not super minimal because I got carried away lol.

Moon Watercolor

Medium Used: Water color & Pen & Ink

I love the moon a lot so I wanted to do a watercolor moon. It is based on an image from google (I wanted to capture the bright orange & harsh silhouettes.) This was a fun project.

Bullet Journal

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Medium Used: Pens, Highlighters, Colored Pencils

Bullet Journal is a customizable organization system. I am someone who needs all things in lists and notebooks. I usually own a planner but I saw this cute thing all over Pinterest and I decided it was something that would suit me. I finished the whole book but only showed a few pages since it is 110 pages long.

Bucket List

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Medium Used: Pens, Highlighters, Colored Pencils

This is in my bullet journal but it wasn’t at first which is why it is a separate project. I decided to keep it all together and instead of making a list I wanted to draw things with each of my items.

These are the projects I have done and I hope you liked them 🙂 Which one is your favorite??


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