My Favorite Book Series/Trilogies/Duologies


Today I will be discussing my favorite series that I love a lot. I have my top five plus honorable mentions. These books have all shaped me in some way and I will never forget them. They were each written by my favorite authors. They have fantastic characters, wonderful writing, superb world building, and unique stories. I hope you all enjoy my list and please read them if you have not you won’t regret it I promise. My number one spot is shared between three books so that’s why I wrote it twice.

1. The Wrath & The Dawn Duology

favbookseries (1)

It’s hard to put into words what it was about these books that consumed me so much. The story literally wrapped itself around me to the point I couldn’t breathe nor did I want to. I wanted to let it take my mind to new heights and places I’ve never been. The characters became real and I was launched into this powerful story of love, vengeance, & fate. Khalid was my favorite. I love a complex mind that has so many hidden chambers. I just wanted to open them all and learn everything I could. He made me want to understand and taught me to listen instead of speak. To plan matters with your mind and not your feelings. The wisest men are the quietest the ones who take notice of everything but say nothing. The love inside him despite all he had been through was inspiring and his pride in his Queen Shazi was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. This tale was such a rush and took everything out of me yet I couldn’t tear away from it. I was lost in this world and found myself saddened when it was over like a piece of me was left on the pages. And it was it really was.

1. Lumatere Chronicles Trilogy


My second top favorite series. My breath was literally taken with this series. I can’t even put it into words sometimes. I binged read this one after the next and I am so happy I found this series. It is literally everything I want in a high fantasy series. It has world building, romance, adventure, battles, plotting, scheming, kings, queens, kingdom politics, character development, distinct characters, one epic plot, and everything in between. You won’t get bored reading this it is such a page turner I was literally dying to know what happens next. Then I was dying to restart it because I wanted to get more and more. I truly hope the author comes back to this world because there are so many stories that can be told and I would devour all of them.

1. A Darker Shade of Magic Trilogy

favbookseries (2)

This is my other top favorite series so naturally, it is hard to explain what it is I love about this one as well. Sometimes that’s just how it is. You can’t form the words or the feelings in your heart but for the sake of this post, I will try. This trilogy was a roller coaster ride from beginning to end. I never felt bored when reading it because something was always happening. It wasn’t a story that leads heavily on the romantic side but the romance that we did get was always intense (even the smallest touch felt powerful to me). It was an amazing cast of characters that wove themselves into my heart. It pained me when I finished this series because I felt so invested in it. It had a natural and realistic ending but I still wanted more lol. It was a story that could’ve gone on for fifty books and I wouldn’t mind as long as I get to be apart of their world. The world that Victoria Schwab built was out of this world literally because it was multiple worlds. It was heartbreaking but joyous at the same time. I will never forget these books.

2. Six Of Crows Duology

favbookseries (3).JPG

This was an ensemble of characters that took me on one hell of a ride. This is in second place for quite a few reasons. One the characters were all likable. All six of the Dregs found their way into my hearts for different reasons. Kaz for his history and bad ass attitude. Inej for her strength and courage. Nina for her boldness and hilarious wit. Wylan for being a ball of sunshine and growing to defend himself. Jesper for his infectious personality and good natured spirit. Matthias for his loyalty and devotion to things he cares about most. This is also my number two because it was action packed, the Dregs were cunning & smart, and the fantastic plot twists.

3. The Heroes of Olympus Series

favbookseries (5)

What is not to love? Rick Riordan is fantastic at ensemble cast books. Every character’s voice was distinct and unique. They are all my children literally every one of them except those who tried to hurt Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Hazel, Piper, Frank, Leo, & Jason. Each book is action packed from beginning to end. There is no slow start. From page one something is going down and you are thrown into this wild goose chase. The characters are hilarious and relatable (minus the saving the world and having powers thing) because they still go through teen things that we all have been through. There was never a dull moment. I laughed, felt sad, felt joy, anger, and every emotion.

4. Tiger’s Curse Series

favbookseries (8)

I originally picked up Tiger’s Curse because I saw a beautiful book cover with my favorite color and animal. I had no notion of what the book was about or would entail lol. I just bought it without even looking into it and boy am I happy I did. This series literally had me feeling EVERY emotion. When I tell you I threw these books multiple times lol Colleen Houck sure knows how to draw the emotions out of me. It is set (most of the time) in the country, that I hope to one day visit, India. She grasps so much about the rich culture down to the tiniest detail. I saw the significant cultural wear, I tasted the delicious food, and I learned a couple words as well. This is such a beautiful story of love, faith, and fighting for your own destiny and fate.

5. Mara Dyer Trilogy

favbookseries (4)

I read each of these books in a day or two. I. COULD. NOT. PUT. THEM. DOWN. There were so many plot twists and questions burning inside of me with every page I turned. I love a story that explores the mind and the paranormal. Mara was an inspiring character. She really had gone through so much but still was able to fight for her freedom and her mind. Noah was the perfect guy for her but he himself was a strong and bold character. Jamie was a perfect comic relief and I would one day love a novel about him and exploring his life and story more. This story was dark, twisted, insane, and I loved every aspect of it.

Honorable Mentions

This Savage Song Duology, Kane Chronicles Trilogy, Percy Jackson Series, Asylum Trilogy, and Divergent Trilogy.

Well, that concludes this post. As I stated, I hope you enjoyed this and give everything mentioned, even the honorable mentions, a try because they are some of the best books out there. I know over time some might switch out as I read more but for right now these are my precious babies lol.


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11 thoughts on “My Favorite Book Series/Trilogies/Duologies

  1. Soooo.. I may not have read the wrath and the dawn duology yet, or the lunar chronicles OR a Darker shade of magic OR six of crows OR book 2,3,4 of the tiger’s curse saga,
    But they’re all on my tbr, so that counts for something right? hahahaha
    I’ve read mara dyer and loved the trilogy so much! I bought the paperbacks at the time, but I’m planning on buying the hardbacks somewhere in the next few months for when I want to do a re-read.

    I’ve recently added the Asylum trilogie very high on my tbr, definitely a trilogy I want to read in October. I’ve yet to read the sequel to This savage song – which I really liked, so I’m excited to read the sequel.

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  2. Yes! I love A Darker Shade Of Magic and Six Of Crows, and I have so many more of these on my wish list. You’ve just made me super excited to get my hands on them. Also – have you ever read The Raven Boys? Think you might like it since you enjoy all these!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. A girl called Blue from a family of psychics meets a group of boys on the hunt for the grave of an ancient Welsh king called Glendower in a small American town.

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