Top 5 Kingdom Hearts Characters (Collab Post)


So for today, I thought we could talk games 🙂 Obviously, I am going to talk about my favorite game Kingdom Hearts in a collaborative post with my sister Samantha. We will be discussing our top 5 favorite Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy (this is mostly me lol) characters. I hope you enjoy and if you have not played this gem of a game you really need to. I will go first and her top 5 will follow mine with a little intro about her. I will be honest my explanations won’t be as long as my sisters lol. Let’s begin, shall we 🙂

My top 5 Kingdom Hearts Characters

Sephiroth (1)

1) Sephiroth- One Winged Angel and Evil-doer. He enjoys killing people & causing destruction and chaos. I don’t know what it is about me and villains that have a sad back story but I care for them so much. Sephiroth is just so damn cool & his back story breaks my heart. Not to mention he is fine as hell lol. I love his weapon and fighting skills. He was a hero at first but when he went insane he turned dark, cold, & sinister yet calm. He is angry and has hatred for basically humanity except me I know he would love me because I love him. Apparently, it is implied that he may have sadness & pain inside him *CUE TEARS*. I shall protect my child!

sora2) Sora-  Keyblade Wielder & the one who will open the door. A literal ball of sunshine. The cutest character with so much positivity in his body it makes me feel like a negative Nancy and I am a really positive person. Sora is a really strong, brave, and upbeat person. He is so loyal to his friends and has an unrelenting heart. He is soft spoken & sensitive at times. He is incredibly forgiving even forgiving enemies. I honestly think more people need to be like Sora. I found myself actually yelling at my screen sometimes because he was so kind to people who didn’t deserve his kindness. I will protect my child with my own keyblades.

riku3) Riku- Keyblade master that has the power of light and darkness. I don’t know what is going on with this list but there will be a lot of bad guys on it Lol. Riku isn’t a villain though he is more like an anti-hero turned hero. He is calm, cool, and has no fear of darkness. He is such a dope character. He has a lot of jealousy towards Sora in many different ways like when he feels replaced. He has major character development throughout the series and matures immensely. He has a great sense of humor that I find hilarious. He has a strong protectiveness over his friends. He never wanted Sora and Kairi to find out about the time he spent in the darkness. I would love to be friends with this guy honestly.

vanitas4) Vanitas- The masked boy and a Keyblade wielder. He is the embodiment of the extracted darkness from Ventus’s heart. His name is derived from the Latin word for Emptiness and if that doesn’t break your heart you are a cruel person. He is extremely gifted in dark magic. He has endured so much suffering and physical pain. He shows zero remorse and shows no hesitation when ready to strike. Although he has a villainous and fearsome persona, Vanitas is actually a tragic and sympathetic character, & is the way he is due to Xehanort’s ambitions and manipulations. HE DESERVES HAPPINESS AND LOVE!!!

As you can see for me I only have four favorites, everyone else is an honorable mention so now we will get into Samantha’s section.

“Hi, my name is Samantha. I’m Kats sister and today she let me write a blog post about my favorite video game series Kingdom Hearts. I love all the games and everything about them. I haven’t played all of them but I did watch LPs on all of them so I know the whole storyline even as confusing as it is. By watching them and playing them, I have come to love all the characters in the game for different reasons but I do have a top five list of my favorite Kingdom Hearts characters.”

Sam’s top 5 Kingdom Hearts Characters


1) Sora- Now you might be saying to yourself how typical of course the main character is your favorite, but I really do like him as a character. He is funny, caring, generous, and always willing to help someone even if he just met them. That is the perfect formula for a heroic person. Not only did he save all the worlds many times, but he sacrifices himself for his friends and is always there for them. At times, he can be naïve and oblivious to what’s truly going on (especially in DDD) but he will be there when you need him and he knows when a bad guy is up to no good. His sense of justice is amazing and he is the light in the dark and that’s why I love him. He also totally deserved to be named a Keyblade Master after all he’s done.


2) Vanitas- There is so much I love about Vanitas. Vanitas is like the dark equivalent of Sora (due to the fusion of Ventus and Sora’s Heart). From his cool steel voice to his awesome dark outfit he is the perfect villain. He literally goes up to the protagonist and tells them that they’re going to die. I mean come on that’s awesome. His backstory also makes me feel bad for him and everything he’s gone through and makes me want to give him a hug. HE DESERVES TO LIVE. I hope he comes back in KH3.


3) Axel/Lea- This one is obvious for many reasons. He’s sarcastic, he’s funny, he’s a mixture of good and bad, he saved my boy Sora and he has the most memorable saying in the whole game. Pun totally intended. He’s always there for his two best friends and is like a father figure to them. How nice is that? And he has a keyblade to add to his awesomeness. Got it Memorized?


4) Aqua- Fourth is the lovely Master Aqua. Aqua sort of reminds me of Sora. Sacrifices for her friends and is always there for them and is a strong keyblade wielder. She has such a strong character who is willing to do anything to stop the darkness and to be with her two best friends. I hope in KH3 she is saved from the realm of darkness and joins Sora and the gang to stop Xehanort.


5) Riku- I’m not going to lie I disliked Riku so much in KH1. I literally wanted him to die. But when he went through his journey on the road to dawn I saw that he was redeeming himself and realizing his mistakes and finally coming to his senses. I thought that was so amazing the way he conquered the darkness and used it for good and was reunited with Sora and Kairi. He gave up the darkness and became Master Riku. He’s a great friend now to his friends and is also aware of the darkness. Good for you buddy.

“Those were my top five but some honorable mentions are Kairi, Roxas, Xion, Demyx, Luxord, Terra, Ventus, Namine, Zexion, and Xigbar.”

Well, this was such a fun post to do because I got to collab with my baby sister. We both love this game so much and can talk about it all day. If you play Kingdom Hearts who are your favorites? What are some of your favorite video games?


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