Fairest of them All (Female Characters)

So last month I did a post similar to this with my favorite male characters. Today I will be showing the badass heroines of my books some love. Just like last time, these aren’t in any particular order. They each are just so dope, strong, funny, and seriously don’t need a guy. They are all romantically involved with someone but it’s not what they rely on. I love that the authors made these beautiful strong female characters with so many different stories and backgrounds. Now let’s dive into some books.

1- Shahrzad Al-Khayzuran (The Wrath and The Dawn Duology)

This girl is the only one in a specific order because she is without a doubt my favorite. Her fearlessness, when met with a king, said to have murdered all his wives was a testament to her bravery. But not only is she brave, Shazi was courageous, fiercely loyal, strong, and capable beyond measure as Khalid said. Her love for Khalid was immensely inspiring and made me love her even more because she never faulted in her love even with armies against them.

My favorite quote- “If I’m a plague, then you should keep your distance, unless you plan on being destroyed.”

2- Delilah (Lila) Bard (A Darker Shade of Magic Trilogy)

Miss Bard oh Miss Bard. Pirate. Thief. Traveler. She has set foot in different worlds and helped save them twice all with her quick wit & slight of hands. She is one of the coolest characters I have ever read. This queen is the true definition of I don’t need a man to take care of me, in fact, she has saved men more than once. She rather die on an adventure than live standing still as said in the book. She is my inspiration.

My favorite quote- ““I’m not going to die,” she said. “Not till I’ve seen it.”
“Seen what?” Her smile widened. “Everything.””

3- Inej Ghafa (Six of Crows Duology) 

The Wraith of the Barrel. She’s a member of the Dregs and was once an acrobat so, it is why she is always scaling roofs and walls. Inej has a reserved nature. She is mentally incredibly strong, ambitious, and moves without hesitation for her aspirations. She is quiet and won’t break her morals for anyone. She is incredibly loyal to her team especially Kaz. She feels more secure with her own knives in her possession and takes comfort in the strength of her title.

My favorite quote- “Inej’s dark eyes had glinted. “I may. But I’ll die on my feet with a knife in my hand.” 

4- Nina Zenik (Six of Crows Duology

Nina is a Heartrender from Ravka who joined The Dregs. She is bold, loud and hilarious. Zenik can be incredibly forward but also extremely charming. However, above all her other traits, Nina is without a doubt loyal to her Ravkan roots and always puts her country’s needs before hers. But she is also loyal to her friends in the Dregs. She is super strong and can do incredible things often to the point the Dregs become scared sometimes.

My favorite quote- “I mean the little rescues. Laughing at my jokes. Forgiving me when I was foolish. Never trying to make me feel small. It doesn’t matter if it’s next month, or next year, or ten years from now, those will be the things I remember when I see you again.”

5- Annabeth Chase (Heroes of Olympus Series) 

Greek demigod and the daughter of Athena. Her fatal flaw is hubris, otherwise known as excessive pride: she thinks she can do anything and do it well. She is very caring and loyal but also possessive of the people she loves. She is very strong-minded, incredibly brave, daring, courageous, and determined. Annabeth is also an intellectual genius, as well as clever and witty.

My favorite quote- “ Don’t you ever feel like, what if the world really is messed up? What if we could do it all over again from scratch? “

6- Piper McLean 
(Heroes of Olympus Series) 

Greek demigod and the daughter of Aphrodite. Don’t let that fool you Piper isn’t your superficial daughter of Aphrodite she is the exact opposite. She stands up for herself and what she believes in as well as her friends and family. She is calm but has a rebellious spirit, she is stronger than she appears, and cares more about personality than looks. She is also said to be the smartest Aphrodite daughter. Hell Yeah!!!

My favorite quote- “Being a hero doesn’t mean you’re invincible; it means you’re brave enough to stand up and do what’s needed.”

7- Hazel Levesque (Heroes of Olympus Series) 

Roman demigod and daughter of Pluto. Hazel is super bright, outgoing, and creative. She is confident in herself and can hold her own when needed but also a great comfort to others. For being so young Hazel was extremely mature and many of the guys looked to her for comfort. She is incredibly loyal to her close friends even treating them as family.

My favorite quote- “I’m not choosing one of your paths. I’m making my own.”

8- Sadie Kane (Red Pyramid Trilogy) 

Sadie is one of the most powerful descendants of the ancient Egyptian gods. She becomes one of the strongest magicians in the world. Basically, she is extremely powerful and can kick some serious ass all by herself. Miss Kane is sarcastic, rebellious, mischievous, headstrong, and often baffles people with her sharp tongue and fierce nature. If I had to pick I would say I am most like Sadie.

My favorite quote- “I wondered if I would appear on a temple wall painting someday. A blonde Egyptian girl with purple highlights running sideways through the palm trees, screaming “Yikes!” in hieroglyphics as Neith chased after me. The thought of some poor archaeologist trying to figure that out almost lifted my spirits.” 

9- Mara Dyer (The Mara Dyer Trilogy)

Mara can literally kill you with her mind. She is the ultimate I NEED NO ONE. Yet, Mara isn’t like that. She is head strong but loving and, as all these ladies are, she is loyal to those she trusts most. For having been through so much betrayal and pain it is beautiful to see her still be able to trust and love people. She deserves happiness and I hope in the new books she keeps that.

My favorite quote- “This was the boy I loved. A little bit messy. A little bit ruined. A beautiful disaster. Just like me.” 

So that wraps up my list of favorite female characters that I have read about. Hope you all enjoyed 🙂



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