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The Writer’s Bloom by Neha Katyal

Published: July 30, 2017

Genre: Science Fiction Cum, Inspirational/Philosophical Fiction, New Age

synopsis“Ever pondered, what will happen if your life starts all over again from a random point and you have no idea what was happening in it before that? Well, this is exactly what happened with the members of ‘The Writer’s Bloom’, as they enter their parallel world to explore the hitherto unknown. “Isn’t it tough to face life, I mean living with such innocence.”, he asked “Isn’t it tough to FACE life when you just need to LIVE it.”, she replied.
This is Saanvi, a 27-year-old, passionate and endearing ingenue, who was living a simple life until she enters ‘The Writer’s Bloom’. ‘The Writer’s Bloom’ is a talent extravaganza showcasing a writing reality competition for the first time in New York. But, the extravaganza isn’t any normal reality competition. Dr. Rodger Anderson, an eminent scientist, and writer launched the show to solve the biggest question on earth- ‘How to live?’ And the hunt isn’t a normal one either, but a hunt in parallel worlds, through a mechanism invented by him. Combining adventure, love, and mystery this is a magical piece of self-discovery, of how far you can go to find the meaning of your life. So, fill up your coffee mugs and be ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions, adventure, mystery and most importantly wisdom and an inspiration to follow your dreams.”

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*I was sent this book by the author in exchange for an honest review*

For I one I have to be honest and state I had to DNF this book. It truly pained me because I HATE not finishing a book no matter how bad it may be going. The Writer’s Bloom was my second DNF book my first being The Scarlet Letter. The premise of this book was so promising and incredibly unique I was hurt that it just didn’t reach the level of potential it had. It had so many grammatical errors that I think falls onto the fact the author is self-published. The chapters were incredibly short which isn’t bad but I felt things would just end and I was lost on what was happening. One minute we were with a girl and her grandma and the next we were at some writing competition it just wasn’t being explained.

“Life is beautiful and indeed short. Don’t regret losses, be happy with what’s yours at the moment.”

There is so much talk of life, happiness, love, and our purpose. I feel the author was trying too hard to be metaphorical & whimsical that she lost sight of her story. It was very jumbled and I couldn’t keep up with anything. It has inspiring moments that turned into SCI-FI which I know was the premise but they just didn’t coexist together nicely. I really believe with a kick-ass editor and publisher backing her Neha could excel in writing. Her idea was interesting & as I said extremely unique. I saw what she was going for but it just didn’t reach the mark. I hope she continues to perfect her craft though.


1) Descriptions

Miss Katyal is extremely good at describing things and I could picture her descriptions of places easily. I liked her use of different & harder wording to challenge the reader. I think this is one of her stronger points in writing and as time goes on she will do some wonderful world-building.

“New York seemed to succumb under the dark hour of midnight that spread like a power to control the eternity and yet protect every iota of it. The rain was invisible in the darkness; it hung like the sparkling earrings of a lady under the corner of street light. Everything was peaceful. Peaceful and serene. A spectacle to behold and to be lost into.”

2) Motivational Metaphors and Stories

I really did love the inspirational parts of the story. The little fables, stories, or metaphors used to create a bigger purpose and bring the reader to a new understanding of things was done eloquently. I saved and highlighted a lot of them because I will 100% be going back to them when I need a little pick me up or motivational push.

“Words can do magic, especially, when spoken by someone who means to you, especially, when spoken with eyes.”

3) The Unique Story

I did love the idea of this story and where it could’ve been taken. Writers from around the world meant to compete in a reality competition to answer the burning question: How to live? All while this is taking place in an alternate universe and their regular one??? That sounds pretty damn cool. It had a really big chance for some awesome world building but it just fell a little short. I hope the author is able to take this feedback, go to an editor, and push this story beyond what it is. The story deserves so much and I would happily give it another try if it ever came to that. It deserves to be told to its best ability.


1) The Writing Style 

The writing was choppy and fragmented. A lot of the speech was confusing and I found myself re-reading whole chapters because it wasn’t clicking. As I stated before, there were grammatical errors and this just added to the confusion. I do believe she has promise for future books because her descriptions of things (not characters) were really good and her inspirational niches were great. She also has fantastic word usage.

2) The POV & Flat Characters

I was rather confused on the POV and the voice of Saanvi. It was not distinct at all and at times I had no idea if the speaking was from her POV, third person, or the Demogorgon (props if you know the TV show lol). The characters were extremely flat and one-dimensional. I couldn’t relate to them at all and there was no description of them besides a few physical characteristics. Now mind you I don’t need them to be relatable in contemporary sense but in the sense that I can imagine them as people at least.

Author’s Bio 

Neha Katyal, is a simple girl from New Delhi, India. Being a computer science researcher at mind and a writer at heart, she is an author of two technical blogs. Researching upon different areas of computer science and spreading positivity amongst masses through her writings are two diverse realms that have been a passion for her. Hence, she presents a sci-fi cum an inspirational fiction in a hope to spread inspiration to millions of people worldwide.

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I would NEVER discourage someone from reading a book because you never know what someone else will feel. So, I say give this book a try you might see something I didn’t and love this book. Thank you to the author for allowing me to read it and I hope you continue to write and push yourself to create magic. Until next time 🙂


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