Book Covers: What I Like & What I Don’t



That is my photo in the header by the way 🙂 Ok so in a Facebook group (Page Habit) we recently discussed what we liked and didn’t like on book covers so, I decided to write about my opinions. Covers are extremely important in my opinion and anyone who says don’t judge a book by the cover is just silly. For classics and older books, I agree because graphic design then is different to how it is now just as the stories are. Nowadays I think book covers really need to be just as outstanding as the story itself. If the cover doesn’t blow me away then the only way I will pick up the book is if the premise or reviews are good but, I really would like the covers to match the stories greatness.

What I Like

Covers with silhouettes or Covers that look like paper cutouts

Covers like the ones above are so pretty to me and always grab my attention. As a graphic designer, the silhouettes draw me in because I work with them a lot for icons and such. As an artist, the paper cut out ones excite me because they feel very creative and hands on.

Covers that are Illustrated or Covers that show glimpses of people

I recently learned how to do illustrative work and for the longest time, I’ve always loved book covers like it. I think it’s so cool how an illustrator can create a scene from the book just using their mind. Now I don’t like covers with people on them it’s ugly and tacky and an easy way out of book cover design. But, when they’re done like the ones above I think they’re beautiful. It’s like taking an image of people and distorting it to create something new and beautiful.

Covers that are drawn or painted in some way or Covers with an object

Again as an artist covers that are drawn or use an artistic medium (paints, watercolor, etc.) call out to me and speak to my heart. They are so simple and gorgeous to me. I also love covers that use objects in really unique ways like the ones above. The type especially works nicely in these types of covers.

Covers that are type heavy or Covers that have animals

Now I said I hate covers with people or their faces all big BUT, for the first two they work beautifully because of the type. I love how it is infused with the colors and the faces are secondary to the type. For ones like Caraval, I just love covers that use type as the main element and how they manipulate the type. Covers with animals like Tiger’s Curse are usually so gorgeous and I actually bought the book simply because it was beautiful. I didn’t know what it was about and did not check it was pretty, my favorite color, and had my favorite animal.

 Covers with a sword or Covers with a minimalist style

I think covers with a sword on them are GORGEOUS!!!!!! I don’t know what it is about them but when you have other elements and a sword front and center I immediately check out what the book is about. Then you have covers like the beautiful Shades of Magic Trilogy with a minimalist style and color palette.

What I Don’t

Covers with faces/models or Covers that use movie/show posters 

WHY? WHY? WHY? The first two are a face with type. The ones from earlier at least worked nicely these??? I would have liked Amour Amour & Infini to hear more towards the story but they looked good. These two don’t make sense or look good. The type is boring and the models don’t even look exciting. And ugh those ugly movie & tv show covers make me so mad. I do not want to see the actors/actresses that don’t even do the book characters justice.

Covers that look boring or have no thought put into them

The first two aren’t horrible but they just kind of bore me. They aren’t ugly but they aren’t exciting I only added them to my TBR because the premise was good and sounded like books I would read. The other two just bother me because it looks like the designer put no thought into them at all. While I love type heavy covers Warcross is just blah. Honestly, it’s the title in rainbow covers it looks like an ARC because it looks unfinished. The other is an eye with clouds and I just don’t understand.

Covers with ugly font, Covers that are too busy, Other Country Editions (not all of them), and Erotic/Romantic covers

Really? I mean Really? Just look at them. Ugly font choices. What the hell is that raccoon & bunny one? Who approved this and said yes this is the one. I don’t hate all different countries edition of books. Sometimes I love them a lot but ones that are a major downgrade from the original why???? Look at Insurgent who saw the original and was like let me see how I can ruin it completely.  I don’t even want to get started on erotic/romance novel covers because it speaks for itself honestly.

I also hate when they put stickers on the books lol. I want to state that some of the ones in my what I don’t like section I have read & loved or will read. I just wish the covers weren’t so horrible lol. Well that is the end of this post. I hope you enjoyed. So, tell me what do you like for a book cover & what do you hate??


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7 thoughts on “Book Covers: What I Like & What I Don’t

  1. I’ve actually never really thought about this. I just look at a book and think “oh that’s pretty” or “ugh”. I will have to find out exactly what type of book covers I like. Anyway, when reading this post and coming across the raccoon and bunny one, part of me was disgusted and part of me wanted to burst out laughing. It’s terrifying!

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  2. I love covers with plants or flowers on them, but only if the colours are nice! And I love covers with something a little extra, shiny, or sparkly, or slightly raised images. Oh and yes, font is everything!

    I agree with the movie/TV editions of covers. The worst! I feel the same about other country editions, but I guess that is depend on what editions we each get in our countries. Could be completely opposite, haha! I also can’t stand when a cover is too busy, or when it is too thin!

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