20 Of My Favorite Albums


So for today’s blog, I thought I would do a list type post of my 20 favorite albums. I have done quite a lot of bookish posts so I thought it would be a fun change. These albums range in genre and release year. Each is on this list for different reasons and I love the full albums. There is no particular order I just am listing them. So no more mindless chatter let’s get into this list.





Paramore- After Laughter

Released: May 12, 2017

Genre: Alternative Pop


This album was good from beginning to end. It had no skip tracks literally I loved every song. The record had a light-hearted pop sound with intense lyrics and undertones. Each song had deep meanings that really resonated with me and things I have gone through.

Favorite Song(s): Hard Times, Rose Colored Boy, Idle Worship





Ariana Grande- Dangerous Woman

Released: May 20, 2016

Genre: Pop


Literally one of the greatest pop albums of 2016. It was a vocal masterpiece and a truly iconic album. Lyrically it was one of her best albums. She has some amazing vocal moments on songs like Greedy, Thinking Bout You, Moonlight, and Dangerous Woman.  It has a dope edginess to it that made me love it more than her others.

Favorite Song(s): Knew Better / Forever Boy, Thinkin Bout You, Everyday





Beauty & the Beast Live Action Soundtrack

Released: March 10, 2017

Genre: Soundtrack 


One of my favorite movies of all time so clearly the album would be on this list because it is one of the greatest of all time. The live action and the cartoon are equal so I put the live action on my list. Alan Menken is one of the greatest composers Disney could ever have and I don’t know what Disney will sound like if he ever passes. Every song and album he works on is a true masterpiece.

Favorite Song(s): Be Our Guest, Gaston, The Mob Song, and Evermore





Ed Sheeran- X

Released: June 20, 2014

Genre: Acoustic Pop


Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite artists and X has been my favorite album out of all the ones he has released. He is a fantastic lyricist and every song hits me even if the songs don’t mean much to me. This album is perfect for picnic dates, car rides, rainy days, and bed time blues. He has a soothing voice and a beautiful voice.

Favorite Song(s): The Man, Thinking Out Loud, Take It Back





Beyoncé- 4

Released: June 24, 2011

Genre: R&B, Urban


Now I can honestly say I am not a Beyoncé fan but this album is easily one of my favorites. It was full of bops left and right. Her vocals were truly insane and beautiful. The production was some of the best I have heard and I am so happy I have this gem.

Favorite Song: Countdown





Bruno Mars- 24K Magic

Released: November 18, 2016

Genre: R&B, Urban


Another one of the best albums released in 2016 and possibly my number one. I don’t skip any song and every song has an occasion it fits with. He is the most talented male artist out right now he has an exceptional voice and is a superb entertainer. This album is so iconic and will always remain a favorite.

Favorite Song(s): Chunky, That’s What I Like, Finesse





The Cab- Symphony Soldier

Released: January 1, 2013

Genre: Alternative Pop


I really love this album. I love when an artist uses real instruments for the production of songs because it elevates the album even more. It’s the perfect album for a party, road trip, painting, or getting pumped for something.

Favorite Song(s): Angel With A Shot Gun, Animal





Demi Lovato- Demi

Released: January 1, 2013

Genre: Pop


Her vocals are insane on this album she has a vocal moment in each and every song. The ballads were some of my favorite moments because the lyrics hit home at that time in my life. Her gut-wrenching vocals were filled with passion, power, and vulnerability.

Favorite Song(s): Without the Love, Two Pieces, Nightingale, Something That We’re Not






Emeli Sande- Our Version of Events

Released: January 1, 2013

Genre: Pop, R&B, Club


Emeli Sande doesn’t just sing songs she feels it and in turn, you feel it. Every song had a new emotion and I felt every bit of that raw feeling. I screamed, laughed, cried, and smiled with this album. Her lyrics are vulnerable and her vocals are raw.

Favorite Song(s): Wonder, Clow, Next to Me, Read All About It, Pt. 3





Fifth Harmony- 7/27

Released: May 27, 2016

Genre: Pop


Lyrically 7/27 is a lot better than their previous album Reflection. The album is filled with bop after bop. I skip only 2 songs sometimes because they tend to be corny or boring (Not That Kind of Girl and Dope.) Each girl has a shining vocal moment. I can’t wait to hear their next album.

Favorite Song(s): Work From Home, I Lied, Gonna Get Better, No Way





JoJo- Mad Love

Released: October 14, 2016

Genre: Pop


100% the vocalist of my generation. Her use of runs, riffs, range, etc is out of this world. She is easily in my top 5 favorite female singers of all time. I was so happy she stepped back into the music scene because she released one of the best albums of 2016 and all time.

Favorite Song(s): Music, Made Love, Vibe, Like This





Justin Bieber- Journals

Released: December 23, 2013

Genre: Pop, Contemporary R&B


I seriously loved this album so much. Every song was great lyrically and production wise. It never gets old and when I go back and listen to it I am reminded of why I found it so amazing. I know many people don’t believe it’s his best but I think Journals is his best record in all his discography.

Favorite Song(s): Heartbreaker, All That Matters, Hold Tight, Backpack, Swap It Out





Katy Perry- PRISM

Released: October 22, 2013

Genre: Pop


This album was a perfect blend of upbeat songs and ballads. Katy Perry’s vocals mix wonderfully with the sound she created on this record. She had excellent high vocal moments and low vocal moments. It was just a fun album perfect for jamming out in your room or having a good cry.

Favorite Song(s): Birthday, Unconditionally, It Takes Two





Little Mix- DNA

Released: November 9, 2012

Genre: Pop


This is my favorite music act. I love every one of their voices. Their harmonies are insane. The vocals are incredible on CD and on stage. This is my favorite album by them because it is such a solid pop album (one of my favorites of all time) with huge R&B undertones. It is their best sound, best production, and lyrically solid. It is a nice blend of playfulness and maturity. So many beautiful vocals all over this record my goodness.

Favorite Song(s): ALL OF THEM but highlights are DNA, Pretend It’s Ok, and Turn Your Face




One Direction- Midnight Memories

Released: November 25, 2013

Genre: Pop


Seriously one of the most solid pop albums of 2013 & ever. It had more of a rockier and folk edge than their previous albums. The sound of this record blended really well with their different tones and vocal abilities. This was one of my favorite boy bands and this album never gets old and no songs are a skip for me.

Favorite Song(s): Does He Know?, Little White Lies, Little Black Dress, and Strong





Rihanna- Anti

Released: January 28, 2016

Genre: R&b 


Rihanna has proven with so many albums how diverse she is and Anti is no exception. It has so many sounds yet it all forms into a cohesive record. Her raspy tone on songs like Kiss It Better and Love on the Brain are some beautiful vocal moments. This is my first time owning a full album by her because I was not disappointed.

Favorite Song(s): Desperado, Needed Me, Love on the Brain





Selena Gomez- Revival

Released: October 9, 2015

Genre: Pop


I was incredibly stunned by Miss Gomez with this album. I have loved songs by her but NEVER a full album. It told a wonderful story of a woman finding herself through the trials of life. It was a superb mix of upbeat sensual songs and soft heart-wrenching ballads. I was truly surprised and loved how she worked with her tone and range.

Favorite Song(s): Hands To Myself, Sober, and Survivors





Sia- 1000 Forms of Fear

Released: July 4, 2014

Genre: Pop


Sia has such a unique voice but it is incredible. She is an amazing lyricist and every song has such a deep meaning that you really see in her videos. I love her electric sound and tone. The album has a skillful production that I just can’t get enough of when I hear it.

Favorite Song(s): Burn the Pages, Elastic Heart, and Fire Meet Gasoline






Taylor Swift- 1989

Released: October 27, 2014

Genre: Pop


I thought this was a wonderful 80’s inspired pop album. My favorite thing in an album is when it has a story through each song. This was her first official pop album and I think she did a great job. Taylor is another fantastic song writer and I think she deserves the success she has.

Favorite Song(s): Welcome To New York, Blank Space, and Out of The Woods





The 1975- Self Titled

Released: September 2, 2013

Genre: Alternative


I LOVE THE 1975. Their music is literally car ride, late night, house party, in bed, everything worthy. There is a song for every occasion. Their song writing skills are some of the best I have ever seen.  I love the lead singer’s tone of voice it is so soothing. Their second album would be included as well but I have yet to hear the whole thing. Honestly, listen to their music. Every song is amazing!!

Favorite Song(s): Sex, Settle Down, Girls, She Way Out, Chocolate and Heart Out

I hope you all consider giving these albums a listen and are open minded to allow yourself to find new enjoyable music. As time goes this list will change but as of late, these are my top 20 albums of all time. What are some of your favorite albums?


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5 thoughts on “20 Of My Favorite Albums

  1. I really like a lot of your choices. I don’t know what I’d pick for my all-time favorite albums. I also like how you listed your favorite tracks on each. It gives someone who is unfamiliar with the artists a good starting point (I know all of these people, but when I’m first introduced to an artist I always appreciate song recommendations.).

    Also, just for a little fact-checking, DEMI came out May 10th, 2013 not January. I assume it was a mistake because the very next one has that date and it got put with both on accident. 🙂

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  2. I especially loved Gaston and Evermore from Beauty and the Beast, although it’s been such a long time since I’ve watched the cartoon. Thank you for sharing this! I haven’t listened to most songs on this list, so I have a lot of new songs to listen to now!

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