Upcoming August TBR Books

So July has passed and it’s now August. It’s now time for a fresh new month and with a new month comes new books. This month I want to complete five books, three stand-alone and two are from a series, towards my 2017 reading challenge. So, without further ado here is my August TBR’s in sequential order.

1) The Song of Achilles

I saw this book all over Twitter. My mutuals and book twitter were all hyping it and speaking about it. I decided to look on Goodreads and check out the synopsis and the reviews. The first thing that attracted me was the cover. It’s so cool and the gold foil that is risen was really unique. Second, it’s a male POV so I automatically wanted it. Third, it’s about Greek history and mythology which is one of my favorite topics to read about. So I am so excited to start this.

Goodreads & Amazon

2) This Savage Song

Anything by Victoria/V.E. Schwab is an instant buy for me. She’s one of four of my favorite authors and never disappoints me with her books. Putting this on my TBR was a no brainer. The story sounds so intriguing especially the part about a boy who collects souls through music. A boy! That means some male perspective!!! My favorite type of perspective!!! The cover is gorgeous as well. I can’t wait to dive into this and get the final book to the duology.

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3) Rooftops of Tehran

I had recently gotten a new friend on Goodreads and was going through their books when I came across this book. The cover immediately grabbed my attention because it was so simple yet so beautiful. The title made it seem like it was a historical fiction so I decided to research it a bit more. Boy am I glad I did. A forbidden romance, set against the background of the Iranian revolution, is all I needed to draw me in. Plus it’s a lovely male perspective on said romance? Yes, please. I haven’t read many or any books set in Iran and I’m so excited to begin this gorgeous tale.

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4) The Gospel of Loki

One reason I had to have this because MALE POV!!! Second Loki! One of my favorite characters in the Thor MCU and one of my favorite villains because he’s so damn bad ass. For those two reasons, I knew I had to see if this was worth it. The reviews were amazing and the synopsis and the story are from the hilarious commentary of the trickster himself. I haven’t read any Norse mythology so this will be a first. I think this will be fun, hilarious, and action packed and I’m so ready.

Goodreads & Amazon

5) Tiger Lily

One of my favorite Disney movies is Peter Pan. I enjoyed the book Peter Pan and so any Peter Pan retelling is something I like to look into. One of my trusted book friends who always makes the best recommendations raved about this book so it was an instant buy. I heard it’s heart breaking so I left it for last and I’m so intrigued by the idea of Peter and Tiger Lily. So, I will have my box of tissues ready for this one.

Goodreads & Amazon

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So that is my upcoming August reads. I’m actually really excited for them and can’t even pick which I’m most excited for. As you can see a lot are from a male POV so I’m super stoked about this month.

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