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Beauty & the Beast is my favorite Disney film and my favorite film of all time. I saw there was a Beauty & the Beast Bookish Tag during my google search and I had to do it. I mean come on books & my favorite film? It was a no brainer. This tag was so fun and based on the songs I love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



Holland!!! Holland!!! Holland from A Darker Shade of Magic Trilogy!!! I wouldn’t call him an evil villain more like a guy who does bad things because A) he was forced to and B) he just wants to help his world. But, I have a thing for villainous characters like him who are broken and been through so much I just want to see him be happy and loved. As an honorable mention, I would like to declare Sephiroth from the video game Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy. He is the coolest villain around & also has a tragic back story.



I have many OTPs and since I will mention my number ones in other posts I will go further down my list and say, Celia and Marco. They are from the stand alone (though I wish it had more books) The Night Circus. Two powerful magicians who embark on a wild adventure and romance that defies all odds. Watching their love blossom was extremely magical and I couldn’t help but fall in love. My honorable mention for this will be, Tris & Four from the Divergent Trilogy a couple both bad ass & swoon worthy.



Mathias Helvar deserved more and he was going to great. He and Nina were going to be great *HUGE SLOPPY TEARS* In the Six of Crows duology Matthias had such fantastic character development. I wanted so much more for him and know he would’ve gone on to conquer the world with the rest of the Dregs.



Collen Houck talked about food so much in Tiger’s Voyage that I found myself reaching for a snack every other chapter. She described the food in such delicious detail my mouth watered. It was as if I myself was on this voyage with the Tigers and Kelsey eating the damn food. Hell, I really wanted to be eating it because it sounded like heaven on a plate. Just thinking about it I am hungry again.



The only couple I could think of was another favorite OTP of mine Percy and Annabeth. They were like night and day for me. Besides the fact that their parents hated on another their personalities were just different but they meshed so well. Their slow rise to boyfriend and girlfriend was agonizing but so so so perfect. Their love was amazing she was the calm in his storm and he was the light in her dark.



Julian from Caraval was definitely more than he appeared to be. If you haven’t read it yet when you do you will understand. His character appears to be a rugged sailor just helping Scarlet & her sister escape their abusive dad. As the novel progresses you begin to question how he knows so much and why he truly is still around. The twist, in the end, wasn’t what I was expecting but man oh man did I love it.



This will sound cliche & corny to some but really all books change me in a way. Whether they teach more about love, adventure, courage, brokenness, etc., a piece of each book remains with me as do the characters. I have a huge passion for books and what they have to offer and in return, I offer my unconditional love and care for them. So, really I don’t have one set book because they all have changed me and taught me something.



I am throwing it way back with this one but Twilight was the book I snatched up because of all the hype surrounding it. I was in middle school and I remember everyone reading these books with all black and an object on the cover. I was intrigued and asked about it and found out a YA book had been made into a movie. My friend had the DVD from the Twilight film I watched it fell in love and read all the books in a month. I know people talk bad about them but for that time I think the Twilight Saga was great for what they were and really paved the way for Ya books and Ya book movie adaptions. I cried when the final film came out lol it was such a fun time going to the movies every year.



Again, I have another corny answer but it is so true. Forget a book that made me cry a moment that always has me choked up is when a story is over. I can’t help the sadness and emptiness I get once a story has reached its end whether standalone or multiple books. I sit there thinking “I have traveled all over with these characters, I have felt their pain and happiness, I have tasted and smelled what they did, and now it’s over.” It is always sad and a tear jerker moment for me yet I continue to dive into new worlds & the vicious cycle continues lol.

Today I won’t be tagging anyone so if you think this will be fun then I tag you! This was a perfect tag for me especially since I relate to Belle so much. I love books & she loves books I think she would approve of this tag and my answers. If you don’t want to do the tag then just tell me what your answers would be? What is your favorite movie?


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