Kingdom Hearts 3 TRAILER

OMGGGGGGG IT IS HERE!!!!! I was on a trip as a leader for my church’s youth group and me, my sister, and friend Curtis were all waiting with anticipation for the trailer to be released at the D23 Expo. We were on a river tubing and we could not wait we kept checking Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and everything we could. Then it happened.




12 years later since KH2 and we finally have SOMETHING and no I don’t mean the mini games in between. I mean KINGDOM HEARTS 3. The trailer is beautiful. We get to see that Sora is in Olympus and it’s not just the Colosseum we get to actually be in Hercules’s full world fighting Titans and all. We specifically see the rock Titan and it looks so freaking dope I am so excited to fight him. When you see the trailer you also see Sora and his keyblade doing some bad ass stuff like the key transforming into other things and Sora running on the wall.



I love that we get to battle with more than Donald & Goofy sometimes we get four or more party members for certain battles and that is so dope. Toy Story was the new world announced and joins the returning world of Hercules, which as I stated is in a much different form than seen in previous Kingdom Hearts games. Plus, the already announced new worlds for Tangled, Big Hero 6, and Wreck it Ralph. So as of now, we have four confirmed worlds. I am hoping to see some other Pixar worlds like Brave plus some new Disney worlds like Pocahontas, Atlantis, Moana, Jungle Book, and maybe even Star Wars. As far as returning worlds, I would like to see the Aladdin 3 story and the Pirates of the Caribbean with Davy Jones. I am so DONE with Atlantica lol so that one I hope is not returning. What are some worlds you want to see?

There were many theories about the number 13 with Kingdom Hearts and lo and behold KH3 comes out 13 years later than KH2. We didn’t get a release date but at least we have a year to look out for and save up for. 2018 is when it will officially be in our lovely hands and in our PlayStation 4’s and Xbox Ones. I am so excited and have waited so long for this I can not wait for any more news we get. How excited are you??


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