Infini Book Review






Infini (Aerial Ethereal #2) by K & B Ritchie 

Published: January 31st, 2017

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary


Some love is infinite “Don’t have a best friend that’s a girl” — this was the advice from my older cousin. I didn’t take it. It was terrible advice. My cousin should’ve told me that being best friends with Baylee Wright — since she was twelve — would be the best and worst decision of my life. He should have told me to protect her from what was coming. He should have told me that when a darkness crawled towards us, there’d be no safety net. Now I’ve signed back on to the same Vegas acrobatic show as Baylee, working together for the first time in years. And she tells me that she’s having trouble in a certain “area” of her life — because of our past. “You can help me fix it,” she says. And then she hands me a list.

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Infini was an interesting story. It wasn’t world shaping or mind blowing but it wasn’t horrible. I am not a big contemporary fan but the story sounded intriguing enough because it may be set in reality but it had that magical touch that comes with a Vegas acrobatic show. I don’t know what a Vegas life or an acrobats life would be like so it was far enough from my reality to get me to pick it up. I must say I really liked it. The beginning is a bit slow but when it really gets going it becomes intense, romantic, and acrobatic.

“Legally, he can’t utter my name, so I’m about to cut in and say it. I don’t even open my mouth before he speaks. “Baylee,” Luka says aloud, and I swear he says my name from deep in his core. As if he’s breathing out years of weighted silence. “Baylee Wright.””

Infini follows the story of two young lovers, Luka Katova and Baylee Wright, trials and tribulations. I thought their love story was well written and didn’t feel forced. The narrative takes place years after the young couple was caught breaking the rules of their company. Time jump five years and they haven’t seen or heard from one another and a whole lot of awkwardness, fights, anger, watching eyes, sneaking around, love, happiness, anguish, and acrobats happen to them and all the characters. The writing style was a bit juvenile but the story was lovely enough to keep me pushing through.

“It can’t disappear. It’s already invisible, unseen. Something we feel. We’ll never lose this. It burrows into us like an endless light.”


1) The Family Dynamics

I LOVE the Katova family values and dynamics. I am someone that comes from a very close family. We all trust one another and have close bonds so when I read about it in a story I get really excited. The Katova’s, to be more specific, are a family born into the circus and to them family is everything. When one member is down the whole squad is down. I just love that because it’s like no matter the situation they are all there like a freaking army. When Luka was going to leave the whole family and more came together to protect him and Baylee and fix the situation it was such a beautiful moment.

“And I think, I have lived partially. Halfly. Incompletely. To be whole, I did not know until my bones thundered and bellowed for more. I am whole and happy. And this is more.”

2) The Romance

I think the twins right romance in a really beautiful way that is simple and real. For a fantasy novel with magic, and kings, etc. love that is out of this world makes sense. For a contemporary, a romance needs to feel real and something that could happen. Luka and Baylee’s love story was just that. It had Romeo & Juliet undertones but without all the murder and useless angst. The way they were split apart felt like a normal issue of the family not understanding young love and thinking it is always some fling. Krista & Becca especially made me love how they write their men involving romance. Most times the male characters are closed off or don’t express themselves but not these men. They cry, the feel, they express and t is beautiful.

“It can’t disappear. It’s already invisible, unseen. Something we feel. We’ll never lose this. It burrows into us like an endless light.”

3) Jimofei

John and Timofei OMG. What can I say? They were side characters and I have ever fallen in love with a couple so quickly that wasn’t the main. Every scene they were in had me begging for more. I need I mean NEED a novel all about them because I love how sinister John is and happy Timofei is. They were so cute and the polar opposite nature they had made for such an intriguing couple. I miss them and just couldn’t get enough.

“His dark scowl never changes shape. “I like the way I am. I prefer it. The sun is annoying. Smiles are ridiculous, and happiness is for fools.” He says that, but John is also full of contradictions. I never take all of his words at face value.” 



The only problem I really had with the story was the beginning was a bit slow and how Luka’s dialogue was a bit juvenile at times. When the story picked up I was able to really get into it and enjoy the hell out it. As far as his dialogue, it just felt like when I was reading his voice it sounded like words of a pre teen and not a young adult. I would just have liked him to sound more mature especially with the things he was going through and working through.

Overall I gave the story a 3/5 for the reasons I explained. I did like it a lot so don’t take the rating as a bad thing because I would 100% recommend it to people as a fun, unique, easy read. I am not a fan of contemporary so the fact that they have got me wanting to read their other books is a plus side.


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