Harry Styles Self Titled Album Review





Title: Harry Styles

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date: May 12, 2017


“Shed any preconceptions. Across 10 songs, Harry Styles has the time of his life and emerges from his boy-band chrysalis a rock star. The One Direction heartthrob, we can definitively say, has chops. “Sign of the Times” is the magisterial Bowie-meets-Elton calling card but a slight outlier—so many highlights here get down and dirty with the riffs and attitude upon which Britpop heroes earned their fame. The swampy bass and carnal choruses of “Carolina” make it feel like a dive bar favorite, “Only Angel” explodes into a Stones-worthy strut from a celestial intro and the raucous “Kiwi” will get fans hot under the collar for more than just the “I’m having your baby” refrain.” -Itunes

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Song by Song Rating 

1) Meet Me in the Hallway- 3.5/5 “Just let me know I’ll be out the door…” was my favorite part. 

2) Sign of the Times- 2.5/5 Loved his vocals at the end when he says we got to get away.

3) Carolina- 3/5 Extremely trippy could be about a woman or drugs. It is really trippy.

4) Two Ghosts- 2.5/5 Good not bad just forgettable.

5) Sweet Creature- 5/5 Soft sweet song loved it so much.

6) Only Angel- 5/5 Classic rock song. I would turn this up extremely loud.

7) Kiwi- 5/5 Yelling but not screamo more like having a good time. Perfection

8) Ever Since New York- 5/5 A really good road trip song I could play it over and over.

9) Woman- 5/5 Sexy song not nasty sexy. Just the tone of it. Easily one of my favorites.

10) From the Dining Table- 2/5 This one was a bit boring.


This is not a jam album. This is not a let’s have a party and tear up the town album. You won’t hear these songs in a club or a party probably. So, if that’s what you were expecting to listen to take that out of your mind before you listen to it. This is a chill lazy day album. It’s a sit-down and read with sweet soft music in the background album or a good cry album. The wind in your hair as you stare up at the sky with the top down album. I felt like I was in a movie the whole album. Some songs are soft and others are more upbeat it’s a good balance of the two even if I wasn’t a fan of all the songs. Harry Styles did a superb job at picking what order to put the songs in (all the gems are after the slower songs). It was immensely cohesive and I applaud him big for that. I didn’t get stuck listening to 30 different sounds it was one sound throughout the whole compilation of songs. I found myself much more drawn to the songs that were louder with the vocals, the guitars, the drums, etc. they were electrifying. As you can see by my ratings the album progressed with each song and the last few records were honestly fantastic. The sound he went with works well with his vocals which by the way were top notch. I felt like he really let us see a side of him I never saw when he was in a boy band. Itunes said this was a pop album but nothing sounded pop at all so I am not calling this a pop album because this is not that. It was 100% enjoyable and a great debut album. The production was solid. The lyrics were really good for someone coming from a boy band that didn’t get to write all that much until their later days. He is in no way one of the best lyricists but he is on his way to being a phenomenal one because nothing was cheesy or cliche. His vocals improved a lot and he did a lot of different things with his voice that he didn’t do before which really added to his body of work. I recommend this album even if you end up hating it I would give it a try you might be surprised.


The slower songs were not really my favorite. They weren’t horrible but they just fell a bit flat for me. It’s not an album I would listen to a million times besides the songs that I gave a 5/5 to. The sound is good as I stated and it is cohesive but the sound is dated. For his next album, I would like to see him bring this classic sound with a modern twist so he can make it more original and more him. It feels too much like something my parents would’ve heard, which is fine to expand your audience,  but you don’t have to take a blast to the past to do it. Also, with bringing the sound to a more modern state I would like to see some versatility. Cohesiveness is key but for a few songs, they sounded too similar.

The album was good. Not fantastic but hopefully with his next album he explores with his sound more and continues growing into his own sound and artist.


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