Dreams of Willow House

Dreams of Willow House

Author: Susanne O'Leary

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 274

Publisher: Bookouture

Release Date: November 15, 2019

Description du Livre

A gorgeous, compelling page-turner about one woman’s journey to the heart of Ireland and the family secret she’s destined to discover…

Cordelia Mirafiore has never truly felt at home in South Florida, so when she’s unexpectedly called to the reading of a long-lost relative’s will in Ireland, she’s hopeful that escaping to Willow House to meet her family might help her to figure out who she really is…

As soon as Cordelia reaches Sandy Cove, the views of the blue ocean and stunning coastline around her provide a sense of calm she has never felt before. She meets her cousins Maeve and Roisin, who welcome her with open arms, finds herself drawn to a handsome man who is also an outsider in town, and feels an instant spark.

But the rest of the McKenna family aren’t so willing to accept Cordelia, or even believe that she’s family. When they learn that Cordelia is to inherit a third of Willow House, she is forced to prove who she is. All she has are old parish records and a battered box of family photographs, but they lead her to secrets she may not want to uncover.

Can Cordelia find the courage to face her family’s past? Can she trust the mysterious man who has swept her off her feet? Or will the lies told for generations force her to leave Sandy Cove forever?

Second chances begin on Ireland’s shores. An unforgettable story about mothers and daughters, Dreams of Willow House is perfect for fans of Sheila O’Flanagan, Debbie Macomber and Mary Alice Monroe.

What readers are saying about Dreams of Willow House:
‘What a delightful story! I so loved this book… I was drawn into the family, the gorgeous backdrop in Ireland… Susanne O'Leary is a wonderful writer, and I always feel good when I read her books. It was a marvellous book and I just had to read it in one sitting. I look forward to more from her in the future.’ Robin Loves Reading, 5 stars

‘Dreams of Willow House is a lovely novel… This book is set in a wonderful small Irish town which the author describes so well I can see the ocean and the stars. The characters are wonderful and easy to like… Anybody that enjoys a heartwarming story about family finding each other and some romance thrown in should enjoy this book. Now I want to go and visit Ireland.’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘The story is a genealogical mystery, a sweet romance and a story of new beginnings. It is well written and shows the author’s love for her country… Most highly recommend.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘Dreams of Willow House is a charming, endearing read full of genuine characters and realistic circumstances – inspiring hope in finding where you are meant to be by following what your heart desires.’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘The backdrop of Sandy Cove is just gorgeous. It makes me want to go to Ireland, that's for sure!… A well-written book and I enjoyed reading Cordelia's story.’ NetGalley Reviewer

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