swing trading for beginners: Discover the Best Short Term Strategy and Techniques. A Complete Guide to Stock and Forex, Money Management and Trading Psychology.

swing trading for beginners: Discover the Best Short Term Strategy and Techniques. A Complete Guide to Stock and Forex, Money Management and Trading Psychology.

Author: Matthew Ray

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 92

Publisher: Matthew Ray

Release Date: December 16, 2019

Description du Livre

You Are About To Learn The Ins And Outs Of Swing Trading To Unleash Its Full Potential To Make A Full Time Living Even If You Are A Complete Beginner In Trading!

If you’ve ever wanted to trade stocks, currencies and other financial instruments, swing trading should probably be your first stop because it offers a perfect blend of day trading and long term investing!

The reason you are reading this is perhaps because you know all this. You’ve also heard some positive reports about swing trading and are wondering what it is all about, how you can get started, whether it is beginner friendly, how it works and much more.

Or maybe you’ve already started dipping your feet into the world of swing trading but have been making losses after losses and are coming back to the drawing board to learn more so that you know exactly what to do when in order to turn profit.

Whatever your situation is, this book has answers to all your questions and concerns about swing trading, as it takes an A-Z approach to the topic of swing trading, covering the topic deeply and widely to ensure no stone is left unturned. More precisely, this book will teach you:
The basics of swing trading, including what it is, how it works, meaning of common terms used in swing trading, when to swing trade, how it differs from other trading strategies etc. Why swing trading is your ticket to riches and financial freedom Swing trading principles and rules that you should follow to turn profits What you need to take control of to succeed as a swing trader How to start swing trading step by step, even if you’ve never traded before How to choose your trades from a point of knowledge How to spot patterns and trends, get in at the right time and exit just in time How to read all the complicated charts and candlesticks the easy way without feeling intimidated and use that information to your advantage How to use the different methods of analysis (fundamental and technical analysis) to break down vague and complex data into actionable insights that enable you to make winning trades The swing trading strategies that work all the time and how to use them to your advantage How to mitigate risks as a swing trader to ensure you take profit on autopilot and stop losses before they eat your capital The psychology of winners in swing trading, including how to introduce the same psychology in your trading endeavors And much more!

The book is complete with easy to follow, dummy style, examples to help you to understand all concepts even if they are used by advanced traders!

So in the end, you can start taking advantage of the strategies that the unicorns in swing trading use to make their riches, even if you are still a beginner!


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